Thursday, 17 December 2015

Haha Patticake Hahah.

Mr Pattison aka Eric Morse makes me laugh ladies and gentlemen. It seems someone called him out on a Foreword (yes, Mr Pattison, contrary to your spelling in Psychotic State: The Novel, Foreward is spelt with two 'E's') he wrote for an author who shall remain nameless, as we do not wish him any negative press.

It became hilarious when Mr Pattison complained that the writer had removed his foreward (remember, two 'E's') from his book. Oh how we found this hilarious. Us who have no power, who William isn't bothered by, who just talk shit.

It got even funnier when Pattison called out this author, and went on a tirade about not giving in to naysayers (because blocking and then talking shit about someone is the way to go). He claims someone gave the writers book a negative review, but this was never the case. William was called a liar, which followers of this blog will know has been proven again and again. How this constitutes as a bad review, I will never know.

So it is safe to say that William has burned that bridge. His ego has meant that he has once more blown up and alienated people with his ranting and raving, proving us right once more.

Even funnier, poor old Billy Jack, the 'leader' of the horror socials was blamed. Apparently William is going to sue him for Libel. Now, if this were the case, William would have to prove he isn't a liar, under oath. Which means the whole world would know about him not writing any Star Trek movie or episodes. The whole world would know Johnny Depp doesn't have a clue who he is. They would know that Guadalupe Gonzalez is a figment of William's terrible imagination. They would also know that he was the one who made the frankly disgusting comment about wishing certain ladies involved in horror get 'roofied and raped'.

So, anyways, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat Subways. Mines a footlong!