Sunday, 9 October 2016

William Pattison aka The World's Biggest LOSER!!

You have to laugh at William Pattison aka Eric Morse's stupidity. In his latest post, he has yet again decided to put forward the idea that he is 'winning' against us. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I will go through why momentarily. But first, here is the post he made;

As you can see, he is still using his bullying tactics to put Billy Jack down. In the space of two sentences, he says his life is an epic fail and that Billy Jack is a loser. The he goes on to say Billy Jack can't get something into his 'idiot head', saying he has us beat and saying Billy Jack's misspelling makes him look even more stupid and pathetic.

To combat these bullying tactics employed by William Pattison, allow me to put forward why we are winning.

1: He was fired from Linkville Press because we pointed out his admission to stealing a story from Jen and Sylvia Soska.

2: Milo Spires pulled the forward from William's book because William displayed his abnormal behaviour towards Milo.

3: He lost his author page, his Wolf Pack Podcast page and his main profile page he has had since 2008 because of numerous instances of hate speech.

4: He claimed he worked with Kathleen Wilhoite to develop her character in Witchboard, adding in the 'TTFN' to her dialogue. This was proven as false by the director of Witchboard, Kevin Tenney.

5: He has put blockers on his pages banning certain words (like 'Loser', for example).

6: He has had numerous lies rebuffed by us, such as him working on Star Trek (which on the one hand he says he worked on the treatments for Star Trek II and III, but on his blog description he states he worked the scripts), his working on Witchboard, his working on Yesterday's Enterprise and numerous other lies he has told (just look at the past posts on here. Unlike William Pattison aka Eric Morse, we provide hard evidence to back up all of our claims).

7: His Eric Morse profile was removed, and he couldn't get it back because he had no papers identifying him as Eric Morse, which really does cast suspicions about him writing the Camp Crystal Lake novels.

Now, I am going to do something new here. I am going to post something one of our supporters sent to us after reading this very blog. So William Pattison aka Eric Morse, look carefully. Our claims have weight. We don't lie, we don't bully. We exist solely for the truth, which is something you don't seem to have a very good relationship with. Enjoy reading this William, because we certainly did.

So there you have it. We have kept the identity of the person anonymous, but you can see that the things we have exposed have weight. The truth holds water William Pattison, unlike the majority of things that come out of your mouth.

Even though he is attacking Billy Jack, the sad little man still has to attack Jen and Sylvia Soska (whom he calls 'The Sockas), Jessica Cameron and Michelle Shields. He then tells us to grow up. William, we aren't the one making up outlandish lies to get people to like us. We aren't paying for interviews so we can get publicity because no horror blogger or magazine wants to touch you. We aren't constantly bragging that we are winning (but we are William. Oh yes, we are Winning so much).

If none of our shit is working on you, then why acknowledge it? I'll tell you why William. It's because you are once more attempting to put a front on like this isn't bothering you, but the very fact you give it acknowledgement shows that it is bothering you immensely. Your lies are transparent.

You aren't doing what you are doing at all. You hardly have any of the followers you had on your previous profiles, your books aren't available and you aren't even making coffee vlogs anymore. So go ahead and say we aren't bothering you, because the evidence speaks for itself.

People can say what they want about anyone. You fail to realise that this isn't anything to do with you putting down Jen and Sylvia, Jessica Cameron or Michelle Shields. But you still attempt to divert attention away from your own behaviour by bringing their names up (such a big strong man putting women down, you misogynistic imbecile). You just don't learn. You are far too stupid. Far too stupid indeed.

We don't look like fools. This is the thing. We have revealed so much truth about you, you look like a fool. A huge fool who everyone in horror is shaking their heads at. The fact a 50-something year old man lies so much just to make himself seem like he has some self-worth. The fact that he has imaginary relationships and even has tattoos of those imaginary relationships (we all shook our heads so hard at that. In fact I know a few of us haven't stopped shaking our heads since we saw that photo).

We are going to stay and read and look at your stuff, and to reveal every single lie you put forward and shine a light on your bullying ways. We aren't going anywhere. You have practically been silenced by us, so please, tell us again how you are winning.

I'll make it easy for you. YOU AREN'T.

As we all raise our hands in the air, the millions and millions of horror fans cheering our quest, shaking their heads at your behaviour. Isn't that what you want William? It is isn't it?

We are winning, and for as long as you continue to bully and lie, we will continue to win.

Put simply, you are a loser William Pattison aka Eric Morse. Probably the world's biggest loser.

So from now on, we will refer to you as William 'Loser' Pattison aka Eric 'Loser' Morse.

So anyways, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways! Mine's a Footlong (because William Pattison is a loser and needs to fill his empty void with food, otherwise he would feel nothing).