Thursday, 30 June 2016

William's helpers turn against him!!

William has returned once more, attempting to provide more glory for himself by having the second 'Writers in Horror recognition month'. First of all, why just thank the writers? What about the catering companies that feed cast and crews? What about the grips, the P.A's? Of course, it is glaringly obvious that the only reason William holds this event is in the hope someone will stroke his ego (lets face it, no one is going to want to stroke anything else are they?).

There was a terrible post shared last year by one of the Admins of the Writers in Horror recognition month, that called writer Bentley Little 'the poor mans Stephen King. How the fuck is that showing him appreciation? If anything, it is calling him second rate. Here is the post where it was said, just in case William likes to think he can blurt out that we are just spouting propoganda, which is purely William playing the victim once more by crying out he is being 'cyber-bullied'.

Secondly, the idea of sending a writer an email saying you appreciate them is rather redundant. For one, their inbox is full of all sorts of things. Secondly, if you want to show support to a writer, buy their books!! This is the greatest way of supporting any artist. Buy their product and show your appreciation by talking about it with your friends, family and see if they are interested enough to buy a copy.

Another thing William likes to do after these events is claim how popular they are. I have to mention, unless he has access to everyone's email who might send a 'letter' of appreciation (which he doesn't), he would have no way of knowing how popular the event is. None at all. So his false bragging at the end of such events is another way for him to shine a light on himself and show just how involved he is in this so called 'horror community' which voted he leave because liars, stalkers and misogynists have no place.

Funniest of all, one of William's admins posted this on the Writers of Horror recognition month page aimed squarely at William. It seems his admins are recognising he has mental problems. Apart from the slur at the end, each one of us stands behind this person and praises them for finally trying to help William Pattison aka Eric Morse. Here is the post for all to see.

Obviously this is in regard to William's constant mention of The Soska's, his pretending he dated Kathleen Wilhoite, his imagined friendship with Harlan Ellison and his constant battle with trolls, which is pretty much all he has written about in the last 5 years.

So, finally someone who has ties with William Pattison is reaching out to help him! Watch this space as this moves forward. It'll be interesting to see what goes down next!

So, anyways, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways. Mine's a footlong!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

William Pattison aka Eric Morse: Alledged supporter of horror and thief/pirate.

Yes, you read the title correctly. The man who claims to be all about supporting horror downloads his movies. Mr Pattison regularly uses Putlocker to watch movies on (because he claims to be low on cash, yet his niece Brittany Lynn Thompson claim they live in a multi-million dollar house, and that she has two cars).

We found an admission of this on his very own blog. Not only this, but we have also found proof that he is without a doubt lying about Star Trek II and III, and about the 'Importance' of his Friday the 13th novels (which also includes his non-existant knowledge of the franchise). Both of these subjects will be featured in upcoming blogs right here.

Here is where William Pattison aka Eric Morse admits to downloading movies. It is obvious he is doing it illegally, because he states he has a 'lack of funds'. I'm sure many of you agree that this is a despicable act, especially from a man who claims to help many people in horror and support people any way he can. Obviously when it comes to the most important way, he just cannot be bothered.

This is yet another revelation in the continuing snooping and digging we are doing. I have to say, his blog really is the most contradictory thing I have ever read. Even taking a casual glance over his written work on his blog, one will find many inconsistencies, such as the year he claims the Soska's didn't come onto his podcast, he claimed he had a wonderful birthday, and it was only a year later he mentions how the year before the Soska's 'shit' on him. The guy has concept of time or coherance.

Well, anyways, you can thank your friendly neighbourhood trolls and haters for finding this information. Even though everything we post here is true and has evidence to back up the counter claims, William still labels us as such. He is so far in denial, he's probably in Egypt.

So anyways, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways. Mine's a footlong!!

Friday, 10 June 2016

A changed man? No, he still continues to lie.

It seems William Pattison aka Eric Morse is back on Facebook, and is continuing to lie while making himself look like a complete dumbass once more (did anyone expect anything less?). I will share his latest post below.

As per usual, allow me to deconstruct his posts yet again.

He claims that Linkville Press aren't publishing him because their page was attacked by trolls? This makes very little sense. Linkville Press are paid by the writer to publish books, so the fact they are abandoning a customer because of an alledged troll is very poor business practice indeed, IF IT WERE TRUE.

You see howlers, William Pattison aka Eric Morse's Psychotic State: The Novel and The Traveler: A conflict of Interests are both still available on Amazon, yet Robert Diablo has been removed completely. Why is this William? Why is it that particular book that isn't available anymore? Is it because you admitted to stealing the story? It is isn't it? We know!! No matter how much you attempt to cover it up, you were caught out as a plagirist! Why else would Robert Diablo have disappeared off the face of the earth?

He names Bobby Livingston. This is hilarious in the extreme.Even more hilarious is William Pattison aka Eric Morse's use of the name Memnoch. You see, the Devil in Anne Rice's fifth book of The Vampire Chronicles. Nowhere else is the Devil referred to as Memnoch. It is blatantly obvious that Pattison's use of the name is because he did a quick Google search for 'Other names for the Devil', and still picks the one which outside of Anne Rice's books, doesn't mean shit. Well done William!!!

I apologise that this is a short post, but he continues to rehash the same old shit (kinda like his books and him copying Dr Who, the Soska's script for Bobby etc) and he typed a vacuous void of the same old hyperbole and propoganda he continues to put forth, even though the truth is out there.......

We thought our job might be done, but it doesn't seem to be so.Well, while he will continue to lie, we will continue to do our job and prove just how much of a hypocritical liar Pattison is.

Karma came, she saw and she kicked his ass.

Gore and Sub's Howlers. It was only a few months ago that William Pattison aka Eric Morse bragged about how Linkville Press couldn't fire him, and that his working relationship with them was excellent. So imagine the shock when Linkville Press posted this status on Facebook;

We also became aware that Robert Diablo has been removed both from Amazon and from Linkville Press' website. It is no longer available anywhere.

It therefore becomes blatantly obvious to us that William's admission in the foreward of that book, where he claims to have stole the story from a script by The Twisted Twins, was his downfall. I'm sure it didn't help with all of the negative Karma he spread, demonizing people with little to no reason, turning on his friends, posing as people on the internet, laughing when people got diagnosed with Cancer and wishing people got 'roofied and raped' when they went out to enjoy themselves.

The thing is Howlers, this group of people William Pattison aka Eric Morse has painted as cyberbullies got sick of his hypocrisy, of his lies and his cowardly tactic of blocking people and then talking shit about them without allowing them to reply. We worked tirelessly to uncover his lies, to bring things to light he had tried to hide. If he hadn't have made so many enemies, I doubt he would be in the situation he is in now.

The difference between us and William Pattison aka Eric Morse? There are many. We are honest. We never set out to hurt William (I began the first parody page simply because he blocked me and decided to talk shit about me after blocking me. I chose humor to address the balance). 

The Horror Socials group come from many different backgrounds, many different places and are fans of different things. They were all bought together by one thing. William Pattison had wronged them after blocking them. He had demonized them without reason. We could all see the hypocrisy in his posts. We had a place to share our experiences, to share memes that made each and every one of us laugh. Out of a rather dire situation, we became friends and a support network of sorts for those who William has chosen to victimize.

Then people started digging. The internet really is a goldmine of information. We found out Horror Bob isn't real, and that his picture was taken from a book readily available on Amazon. We found out William pretended to be in a relationship with Kathleen Wilhoite. We saw William pose as his niece and sister and threaten us with anything from decapitation, attack from dogs or reporting us to the FBI cyber-crimes unit. We withstood these attacks, calling his bluff and making humorous remarks, because retaliation isn't what we are about. We saw William share the phone numbers of those who he thought were harassing him, and give those numbers to Wayne Goulden whose wife then called these people pretending to be William's niece. He would constantly dig up past victims of his, referring to them as retards, losers, people who aren't creative etc. He would make videos slamming people, constantly complaining and whining and generally being his favourite derogatory word which I will use here; a bitch.

Then things started happening. More and more people were taking notice of us horror socials. Our ability to prove William Pattison for the lying imbecile he is made a lot more people come out and support us, providing screen shots of William's rants, posts and even finding age-old posts where his favourite RLSH calls him out for having an imaginary girlfriend.

The culmination of this is Linkville Press removing William Pattison from its publishing list. As previously mentioned, William Pattison rather stupidly admitted to stealing a script from The Twisted Twins and turning it into his own story. So even though William has been spouting off for years about said twins, Karma has come round and bitten him on the ass. While fortune seems to favour the Soska's, William Pattison was dealt another blow, and we hope that this time he sees his mistakes and tries to change himself for the better. What follows are some comments from the horror socials who shall remain anonymous;

'Please get help. You can be everything you want to be. I don't like liars, bullies or hypocrites. Now is the time. Get help, have some confidence, be positive. I will be watching'.

'I hope he takes this opportunity to let go of his hate and delusions and lives his life as he pleases. That he doesn't have to be 'the lion' or ;the alpha wolf. Write your books, tell your stories and stop hating on others'.

There are those out there who absolutely despise William Pattison, and have very good reason to. Their thoughts on him are a more morbid, so I will allude to those posts, but will not be repeating them here. I do and will continue to support the people who feel this way, even if I don't agree with their views, simply because I have seen the hell William Pattison aka Eric Morse has put them through. William has been a thorn in the side of many, and he doesn't seem to be able to see just how much of a bully and a troll he has been, deciding instead to label everyone else as such.

The only concern I have is that I highly doubt William will change at all. I think he will drop off the internet for a while, like he did when Harlan Ellison called him out about William Pattison knowing him. He will then return full of vitriol, attempting to name and shame as many of his alledged haters as he possibly can.

I can assure you that whatever path he takes, will will be here, watching and waiting.

So anyways, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways! Mine's a footlong!!