Sunday, 23 April 2017

We are still here.

Hello Howlers! Yes, we Horror Socials are still around, and still taking William Pattison (he seems to have dropped the 'aka Eric Morse/Morris from his name) to task about all the lies he tells and the constant mistakes he seems to make when talking about the genre he professes to love so much, which is horror.

April began with a bang, as the leader of The Horror Socials, Billy Jack, managed to convince William he was going to be getting free press passes to a convention, which saw William promote said convention on his page and even give out the telephone number for Victor Miller. We had such a laugh at his desperate messages, the way he pleads and makes himself out to be hard done by. He even bought up the same old bullshit stories when asked about the reason he was banned from Twisted Terror con. It was the perfect April Fools joke, and Willy Wale fell for it hook, line and stinker!!!

He also made a few new Coffee vlogs, has moved his radio show onto Youtube (because Blogtalk now charges. You'd think that with his radio show being so 'popular', he'd be able to afford to put money into his show) and has attempted to become a Horror Host by showing public domain films on Youtube, which is filmed in his basement complete with damp stains on the wall, numerous shots of flies surrounding him and even Cockroaches crawling over the lens of his camera. It would be great if this was done to add a macabre atmosphere to his show, but it's how his room really is.

He has learned to keep his mouth shut as of late though, which is definitely a good thing. Yet again, we win by silencing the toxic bag of Subways-scented wind. He still hasn't admitted to his lies, but he hasn't bought up his outlandish claims either.

In other news, Horror Socials Media creator Eric Hyde revealed himself and has sent a couple of rebuttals to William, but William seems to pay no attention, choosing to slate Hyde in videos rather than chat online or even in a video call. The man just can't help himself. The anonymity of the net obviously makes William feel safe and secure in his rants and raves, yet he has no idea how to handle things when the tables are turned on him. He still fails to understand that parody is legal, and that these blogs do not promote lies of any kind, but do infact publish the truth, which is much more than William has ever done.

You see William, we aren't going away. Ignore us, blast us on your Coffee Vlogs, lie to your viewers and say you know who we are (remember your messages to Billy Jack/The convention organizer, when you told her that you knew who was leading the 'cyber bullies')?

The Horror Socials continue to grow, and will continue to do so while William Pattison continues to use the internet to lie, bully and slate anyone who he sees fit because he won't face any repercussions because this is the internet. Well we are here to change that. We won't let you bully and slate people anymore William. If it was constructive criticism you offered, we could understand, but misogyny, homophobia and calling people 'retards' just isn't right, and until you stop using such slurs and apologise, and come clean about your lies, we will take our rightful place on your shoulders, whispering in your ears so you can hear us everytime you make a video or write a post.

We are The Horror Socials. Our mission statement is to stop the cyberbullying and victimisation perpertrated by William Pattison. He may call us cyberbullies, but that is merely a diversionary tactic. He knows he cannot win. He knows he is beat.

Oh, and even funnier, William displayed his lack of knowledge on Facebook live by having the Guy Fawkes mask from Alan Moore's V for Vendetta in his hands, and calling it a Guy Rolfe mask. Oh how we laughed about that!! How can one confuse Guy Rolfe and Guy Fawked, especially when V for Vendetta is an incredibly popular graphic novel and a film to boot? Of course, William will put this down to, and I quote 'a slip of the tongue', but as I'm sure our readers know, is just a way for William to run and hide from his mistakes. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, the man can't even own up to his mistakes. So I'm going to write a few here to show you the level of genius we are up against.

He says Kane Hodder is in several Friday the 13th films. Kane is only in four.

He calls The Gunslinger 'The Gunfighter'.

He thinks William Wales directed Frankenstein. It was James Whale.

He thinks The Asphyx was produced by 'Amegus Pictures'. He means Amicus Pictures, but still he is wrong, as it was produced by Glendale.

He called The Incredible Melting Man 'The Fantastic Melting Man'.

When corrected politely about this 'slips of the tongue', William simply blocks the person correcting him and then talks shit about them. It's hilarious that he doesn't have the balls to own up to his mistakes, but he'd rather block and play the 'Alpha male' by pretending he's being bullied. He's a joke!!

So, alrighty then. Anyways, y'know, it's errrrrr.......y'y'y'know ......time to end this blogpost. Keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways. Mine's a footlong!!!!