Friday, 29 April 2016

Yet more proof of hypocrisy.

You know how William Pattison aka Eric Morse denounces those who make fake profiles and attack him? How he would never do such a thing because he is honest (and there is a goblin kingdom where pigs fly and everything tastes like bacon)? It has once more come to our attention that this is simply Pattison attempting to project what he does onto others.

I don't understand how anyone lets William Pattison aka Eric Morse speak to them and feed them so much bullshit. You may remember in the previous post that William mentions that he was in a relationship with Kathleen Wilhoite, and how her boyfriend didn't like her talking to William because he was jealous. You may also remember that William claimed that Kathleen made a profile on Facebook under the name Zarabeth McGee (Wilhoite's character from Witchboard).

Amazingly, we have managed to find a screen shot of a post made by Kathleen aka Zarabeth aka William aka Eric (which you can see in all of its glory at the top of this post). You can tell it is William in a number of ways.

Firstly, his overuse of commas. William Pattison aka Eric Morse is the only person I know who seems to think putting a comma after a persons name is correct. Just look at the other posts he makes. It is an incredibly common mistake by him, and one that makes anything he writes instantly recognizable.

Secondly, how does one get hit in the head? Inconsistencies like these profilerate Pattison's writing, and again this is a prime example of him not having the slightest ability to be able to tell a story with any kind of consistency.

The post says he was having trouble seeing out of his right eye. It was around this time that William Pattison aka Eric Morse made people aware he was suffering with an infection in his eye which caused his eye to swell. Of course, that isn't good enough for Pattison, who wants everyone to know he had a bottle thrown at him and it hit him in the head. In. The. Head.

At least the 'burring' of his vision is getting better. (Let's not forget that if Pattison's vision was blurred, he would most certainly have been kept in hospital for observation. But of course Pattison isn't clever enough to think of this, so completely avoids it, giving this story even less credibility).

Zarabeth uses the word 'Ego Case'. I know very few who use those words. It is a dated and simply childish label to apply to people, but one that William Pattison aka Eric Morse uses more and more often. Even his Youtibe videos finish with the propoganda message 'You are not ego cases, you are wolf pack'.

Zarabeth uses the word 'Bitch' in regards to a female. This again, is something William does this an awful lot. Just look through his blog, or his posts on numerous horror boards.

'Now her groupies are doing an email campaign'. Doing? How does one go about 'doing' an email campaign? Does William Pattison aka Eric Morse really expect people to believe that he is being singled out because he isn't allowed at a horror convention? It doesn't make sense. Why would the person accused get people to bully William if he is being told he isn't allowed at the horror convention. Surely if you stop someone from going, your job is done. This is where William slips up once more. He is attempting to show everyone how he is being wronged, when simply he is sore for not being allowed to be featured in the horror convention. To be fair, who would want William Pattison aka Eric Morse to be at a horror convention. The man is infamous for ranting, childish behaviour and kicking, screaming and crying when people tell him facebook friends aren't real friends.

Again sufficient evidence has been provided. Again I am sure William Pattison aka Eric Morse will make a vague post alluding to the things talked about here, but will not do anything about it. Which is fine. It is nearly impossible to prove the truth as lies, so with each little bit of evidence that comes to light, William is yet again shown to be everything he claims to hate.

That's the problem with masks William. They come off, and everyone can see the ugly truth that was once hidden underneath them.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Is Horror Bob dead or alive??

We all know the story of how William Pattison made up Horror Bob (with extensive research done to try and find this 'Bob Masters', and not being able to find a single shred of evidence, it was glaringly obvious how he was nothing more than a figment of Pattison's imagination. That isn't even to mention how Bob Masters was alledgedly born on Friday the 13th and died on a Friday the 12th. I'm not making this up.

So, this begs the question as to why Horror Bob's page, which was alledgedly handed over to Pattison by Bob Masters wife, is still written by someone who at times writes as if they aren't William Pattison.The screen shot of a very recent post where he does this is featured at the top of this blog post.

Pattison posted about the anniversary of his mothers death on the Horror Bob page, leading some of the horror social members to declare they are in fact brothers!!

Pattison goes on to exclaim how his mother was a huge horror fan, and it all began for her when she saw 'William Wales' Frankenstein. Now you would think, with William Pattison holding horror in such high regard and enjoying the films of Amigus (I'm sure he meant Amicus) and being a huge fan of The Amazing Melting Man (I'm sure he meant The Incredible Melting Man) that he would have the knowledge to know that James Whale directed the 1931 version of Frankenstein. Which again goes some way to destroy any credibility William Pattison is so desperately trying to claw back as each and every one of his lies is proven as such, hilarious videos are made parodying his antics and the work of the relentless 'Billy Jack' taking him off of his pedestal he seems to think he belongs on. Nevermind the fact that info such as who directed the 1931 version of Frankenstein is very very easy to find on the internet.

William has posted earlier today explaining he is sick. Myself and the horror socials wish him well, and hopefully he will feel better soon. Remember William, rest and drink lots of clear liquids (gravy is unfortunately a no-no, as is Marinara sauce.

So, anyways, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways. Mine's a footlong!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

If William Pattison aka Eric Morse isn't a bully, how do you explain this??

So with all William Pattison aka Eric Morse's Anti-Bullying posts, you wouldn't think the man would pick on anyone would you. Unfortunately it has been bought to our attention once more that Pattison is exactly that which he seems to be rallying against. Take a look at what he talks about on his Season 3 Premiere special.

5.50 - 5.59 William claims someone attacked him and the Wolf Pack.

6.12 - 6.14 William calls someone a 'Poser'.

6.14 - 6.21 William Names Zack Daggy as the culprit.

6.36 - 6.39 William refers to Zack Daggy as 'A little tard'.

I got bored listening to his whiney voice and saying how someone is going to be his 'chew toy', so I will just post a link to the whole show right here.


I am not sure on the whys and hows of why this particular spat came about (and we know Willy's word is not trustworthy at all) but for someone to spout so much hate about someone in a wheelchair? Pattison has yet again shown himself to be a despicable human being. You have no way out of this one Pattison.

By your own hand you have tore down all you have built (which isn't much to be honest).

Monday, 18 April 2016

William Pattison addresses the Horror Socials, but says absolutely nothing new.

While William Pattison continually tries to name drop and throw his so-called 'friends' under the bus so he can take attention off of himself, he wrote the following post aimed at Billy Jack and The Horror Socials.

'To Billy Jack aka The William Pattison Sucks Group. You seem to make out that you are this all powerful group that is going to bring me and David Zernhelt down. Sorry but everything you do proves that you are a group of very small minded, petty, people who think that through libel, identity theft and harassment they can push people out of the horror community. You post claims to be 100% horror social, well you are certainly acting the same way they did. Look at what happened to them. They lost all credibility and have lost all power and position in the horror community. The thing is you never had credibility in the first place. You started out making libelous "parody pages". Then you went to trolling and identity theft on Youtube. Then when you saw you weren't getting the reaction you wanted and found your posts were blocked and moderated on Youtube you went on to posting photo shopped libelous memes on all our pages with snarky comments. You even had the nerve to try and disrupt Artists in Horror Month, which failed. Then of course you went on with more identity theft and criminally libeling people. Now you lied about Doug Sabol and because he told you he wasn't drinking your Koolaid you steal his identity and attack my pages.....You have nerve to say anything that comes out of your mouths is the truth. You are 100% liars and fakes, you like those asshole buzz hounds you say you are attacking me over. Even that is a lie. You told a certain friend of mine (yes, he told me) that you could give a shit about the Soska's and horror in general. You were just doing this for laughs and to feel powerful by trying to ruin peoples lives. So there you have it Billy Jack, aka The William Pattison  Sucks Group has no credibility and it makes me want to laugh that they say they have the complete support of the horror community. That is the biggest laugh of all. Really, your like numbers are pathetic and most of those were you using fake profiles and liking your own stuff....Pathetic. Piss off losers'.

Now let me offer counter arguments (which you have all probably heard before, but as I know William reads this page, I would like to push these points home and allow him to realise he is the one with absolutely no credibility, and that he is projecting all of his insecurity and his mistakes onto the group, or 'his boogeyman'.

Let me begin by saying we are in no way small-minded (yes William, there is a hyphon there). We do not label people as 'retards' (which, when using it as a derogatory remark paints everyone with learning difficulties as something negative) or 'bitches' (which again is a negative way to describe women). So you might want to try again with that attempt at provocation, because while your attempt falls flat, there are any number of instances of you calling people these names that are very easy to find by simply typing William Pattison aka Eric Morse into Google.

For us to push you out of the horror community, you firstly have to be a part of the horror community. The fact you set out to put people down (The Soska's, Brandon Slagle, Jessica Cameron to name but a few) means you will never be accepted. The fact you continuously preach hate, accusations and simply seem to get a kick out of being in the middle of drama is another reason why you will never be accepted. I won't even mention you not being able to accept basic criticism of anything you are involved in. Your immaturity seeps through every Facebook and Twitter comment you make. You are not a part of the Horror Community. You never have been, and until you start changing your crappy attitude and start being positive instead of bathing in a mire of negativity, no one will want you in the horror community.

The horror socials are a group you made up to make yourself feel superior. I think you are missing the basic points of a community. A community works because members of the community socialize and share what they love. Socializing is a PRIMARY factor of any community (it wouldn't be a community if people had no interaction with anyone else). Hence anyone who is in the horror community is a horror social. So again you show yourself to be the one who is not small-minded, but closed-minded to the idea of a 'community', even though you constantly harp on about it. You don't even understand the basic definition.

No horror social has lost any kind of credibility. To lose credibility, you have to have credibility to begin with. Being fans of horror, it isn't for anyone else to judge if we are fans or not. Losing credibility happens when people say things, and it is later found out that what these people were saying isn't true. For example, if someone says they worked on the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 'Yesterday's Enterprise', and they didn't, that person would lose all credibility because they are full of shit. The same as if a person says they have re-worked a Soska script into one of their stories, or that they worked on Start Trek II and III, or that they are friends with Debbie Rochon. I hope that covers that point well enough for you to understand.

If we are indeed 100% liars and fakes, prove it. Put your money where your mouth is, and prove us all wrong. Do it Pattison. If you are going to call us out, provide evidence. We have managed to back up every single claim with evidence. Every single one. If you are calling us liars and fakes, I expect you to prove it. If you don't, again you lose credibility. It's ok saying something, but providing evidence means the points you are making cannot be argued. So I implore you to provide evidence contrary to our claims. Then you will have our apologies and we will post retractions for each and every point you prove to be true. We cannot be fairer than that. Until you do so, our points stand as fact. It's that simple.

As for pissing off, we won't be doing that anytime soon. You can count on us being around to stop the negativity you heap onto everyone, to provide smiles and laughter to all those you have attacked for no reason and to counter each and every lie with evidence that what you are saying is false. If you don't like it, either prove us wrong or stop lying. It's simple.

I will forgoe the signing off once more, as I intend this post to be taken seriously. We will not back down to a bully. Our posts are not made to hurt anyone. We deal in truth. If you keep lying William, we will keep proving you to be a liar. You can change, but we will not be going away while you continue to deal in lies and constant negativity.

Sunday, 17 April 2016


To update the post we made yesterday, I feel I should clarify some points, as my mentor seems to be having trouble understanding the points we are making (this doesn't come as a surprise, as he does not seem to be the brightest person out there).

Now William, I admit to not knowing it was standard convention to pay to have your work reviewed (even so, I know there are thousands of blogs out there who are happy to review things for free. The fact no one has offered you this outlet speaks volumes).

Secondly, if the review you paid $49 for was an honest one, why do they cite you as 'award winning'? You have never won any kind of reward, so right from the off, they have destroyed any validity the review might have had. The fact there is no criticism involved, and it merely an outpouring of praise also goes a long way to destroying any validity this review might have had.

The review was written by someone who earns a set amount of money for writing about a product they know nothing of. There are a number of websites like and such like that allow people to write reviews for physical objects like Vaccuums and knives, and they have to make them positive so that these products sell. Looking at the website that provided the review, it is glaringly obvious that this is the case, as there is very little mention of specific points in your book, and it is more of an overview than a review, and is poorly written at that. If anyone knows what 'Bulling' is, please provide a definition.

Which brings me on to my third point. You paid for the review. Yet the review contains numerous spelling mistakes and inconsistencies, which shows you are more than happy to put a product out there that isn't one hundred percent. You not only let yourself down when doing this, but you let down your fan(s?).Why pay for something that isn't right? Why allow inconsistences such as you being an award winning author if you do not lie??

Because of these lies and your inability to correct them, you can expect us to NOT shut our traps. So I made one little mistake (which I am brave enough to come clean about. You see how that works? That's called 'honesty' William. Something you have never dealt in your entire time on the internet).

We know more than you expect, or could even imagine.

The review is more than meaningless due to all the facts I have written about above. Feel free to namecall some more, try to be superior and say we know nothing. The fact is you know what we say is true, and we will not stop. Not now, not ever.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Now Pattison is paying for reviews and interviews. LOL.

Yes, you read the title correctly Howlers. Pattison paid $49 for a review and interview. That's right. Not only is he content with giving his own book five stars on Goodreads, he has paid for a positive review and an interview that calls him 'AWARD WINNING', when the truth is the only award he has won is one for lying to everyone he speaks to, making stuff up to embellish his otherwise boring life and for stalking women.

You can go to and see for yourselves what they 'sell', but here is a screen cap for those of you that just can't be bothered.

If he is that much of a fantastic author, why would you pay for reviews? There should be people lining up ready to review his work. This is not the case, and speaks volumes about Pattison's inability to write a consistent and gripping book.

Another thing. Remember how Pattison bragged about how well he did at Martinsville Horrorfest? Well apparently he is calling himself a liar now, as he has totally changed his story.

This differes drastically to what he put on Facebook after the event finished. Here he says he signed fifty-seven books. If you look back to the older blog post we made (which you can reach by clicking HERE) you will see the totals differ quite drastically. So yet again, he is shown to be a liar, and have no integrity whatsoever, as he has to pay for positive reviews ( obviously provides only positive reviews, as it is used to promote, so the review given is less than useless).

I hope everyone who reads this shares this post far and wide and shines a light on the absolute hypocritical and frankly needy behaviour of a so-called 'published author'.

So anyways, keep America Strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subway's! Mine's a footlong!

Monday, 11 April 2016

Who made William Pattison 'God'? (Because he read 'King' and thought it said God because he's virtually illiterate).

William now believes himself to be some kind of deity, pushing his self-importance on the helpless and the uneducated, acting as a saviour of the horror community and just generally being a total cunt but not taking any responsibility for any of his despicable actions. As always, I will re-write the post that Pattison made here, so everyone who isn't color blind or doesn't have 'sight problems' (which are a major factor in those who chronically masturbate) can read it without the hideous black on red that Pattison seems to favour so much (possibly because it reminds him of his birth, or 'the only time William touched a vagina').

'A friend of mine informed me that a certain asshole asked the question Who made William Pattison God' (it was actually 'King', but we know Pattison's memory is somewhat faulty at the best of times)? This in regard to my new campaign of anti-cyber bullying and stalking banners. Well here is my answer, asshole,.......I did. You see, like all other authors, I became God when I made the choice to start writing fiction (Journalists who work for newspapers deal in fiction. Are they Gods? How about children who use their imagination to play games? Gods too?). Fiction writers are gods because they create worlds and everything that exists in them (based on the world we already know, either in comparison or similarity. These things are already defined, only to be tweaked and twisted by those with the gift of storytelling, which is something that is vacant in our lord and saviour, he of the High and Mighty Subway, the Meatball at the right hand of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, William 'Take this Marinara, for it is my blood, take this sub, for it is my body, happy are those who come to my supper' Pattison aka Eric Morse). Filmmakers can't make that claim because they need crews and actors to do what we do with either a pen and paper, a type writer or word processor. So, asshole (my, he is obsessed with assholes. I mean, I know he is obviously attempting to come across as macho, but the way he keeps referring to the rectum shows just how much difficulty he is having in hiding his homosexual tendencies), there is my answer and you can kiss my ass (I am sure this is a request, and something William really does truly want. Nevertheless, I will not be taking him up on the offer. Not until he has the courage to be himself and crawl through the snow and out of Narnia, and out of the closet which he seems so content to hide in).

With all the talk of rectums, sphincters and such, all you single men out there can see how much fun Patticakes will be. I'm sure he would pay particular attention to the ass, as he says it so much, it becomes less of an insult and more a description of what he really wants.

Now, in regards to William Being a God. I have to disagree with this. Using your imagination does not make you a God. If it does, then every man and woman is a God, simply because we imagine sexual encounters when we masturbate. Every child is a God because they play and create their own stories all of the time. So quite simply, every single man, woman and child out there are Gods, not just our saviour and the keeper of the esscence of Dead Racoon, William Pattison.

So, anyways, keep America strong, watch horror films, drink your gravy and eat your Subways. Mine's a footlong!!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Let's stop William Pattison bullying people!

Oh the hypocrisy! I would be quite angry if I didn't laugh so much as the mountain of semi-digested sandwiches who excretes white gravy from every pore trying to get people behind him to stop cyber bullying and stalking in the horror community.

Let me first transcribe what he wrote.

'So, you say you're not a troll or cyber bully or stalker?
Do you attack people's profiles, Facebook pages or Youtube videos?
Do you create 'Parody pages' to insult, libel and lie about people?
Do you crank phone-call and send harassing text messages to people's phones?
Do you create fake profilesand impersonate people like cowards to do the above?
Well, your actions speak louder than your denials.
You are a troll, cyber bully and a stalker. But we in the horror community have a more simple word for you. That word is LOSER.
The horror community is trying to grow up and it is immature jackasses like you that keep trying to bring us down. The horror community is tired and disgusted with you and your actions. You are the type of people who made this community the laughing stock of all entertainment communities. You are the problem that keeps us down.
If the people who are reading this believe the same then please share this banner and make it clear that we will not take this crap anymore. We don't have to take this we can end it all.
Too much blood, genius and lives have been taken by these assholes.

I dislike having to type things out for all to see, but the man obviously is not self-aware in the slightest, and somehow thinks it is fine for him to stalk, harass and accuse people of being bullies etc, but he is somehow above all of this. I am here to tell you William that you are not. Let me re-write what you wrote above so you might understand a little better.

So, you say you're not a troll or a cyber bully or a stalker, yet you constantly pull down Jen and Sylvia Soska, name people on your vlog who you believe are harassing you and do not post apologies to them when you find out differently, try to bully your way into conventions, make yourself out to be hard-done by and not only part of the horror community but the voice of it too? You pretended Kathleen Wilhoite was your girlfriend, and when people found out she wasn't, you created a fake profile under the name Zarabeth MacGee to talk to yourself.

We do not libel you with the parody pages. You call yourself a public figure, what with being a writer, actor, filmmaker, poet, artist (and bullshitter extraordinaire) and if you are a public figure, then parodies are perfectly legal, hence how shows like Saturday Night Live and films like The Interview are made. 

Do you attack people's profiles? Yes you do. You are constantly on The Soska's back, and even went as far as calling their remake of Rabid (which by the way, it would have been quite impossible for you to see at the cinema AT TWELVE YEARS OF AGE) a piece of shit. You've never even mentioned Cronenberg before, yet all of a sudden you are a huge fan? More lies from the Splatterpants of Fan Fiction.

Do you crank phone call people? Why yes you do!! You gave the numbers of people who phoned into your show and had Count Six-String's wife call them and pretend to Brittany Lynn Thompson and threaten them. I won't even get started about you masturbating whilst talking to another female on the phone.

Do you create fake profiles (Horror Bob, Gerald Fitzgerald (whose profile pictures were headshots of Robbie Coltrane), Brittany Lynn Thompson, Jeanette Thompson to name a few) and impersonate people? You do, don't you Eric Morris (who is Johnny Depp's acting coach, and the sole reason why William Pattison aka ERIC MORSE mispronounces his name. He somehow thinks people are going to believe that Johnny Depp thanked him because he was a big influence on his career (even though Depp started acting much before William started writing). Well, the evidence speaks louder than your denials William Pattison.

You are exactly what you accuse everyone else of being. You are a hypocrite of the highest order. You say if the things are true, how can they be libellous. Well, the only thing you've ever wrote to do with Star Trek is fan fiction. You had some books that had very little to do with Friday the 13th published under a different name, yet you think because of these, you should be held in high regard? Fuck you (to quote your so oft-used putdown). I don't see any other writer of spin-off novels attempting to throw their toys out of their windows and stamping their feet because they 'aren't getting the recognition they deserve'. Recognition is not demanded. It is given to those who deserve it. You behaving like a fifty plus (that's age, not tonnes) man-child makes it even more difficult to support you in any way. 

Now onto something more positive. I put forward that for the rest of April, we all show William how to be a better person by supporting the things he likes rather than promoting misplaced anger and hatred all of the time. He needs to be made aware of how his behaviour is exactly the kind of thing he is attempting to rally against, and it makes him look like an even bigger hypocrite.

Send him an Email to and explain to him how he can be a better person, how he can stop stalking and hating everything and still get on with his life. Lets join together for the greater good and stop William Pattison from continually making himself look like an ass. It might be entertaining for a while, but eventually it gets old and boring saying the same old thing over and over and over and over and over again (Soskas). Blah blah blah.

May is going to be Burn an Eric Morse book month. Send your photos of Eric Morse books being used as kindling, or just being set on fire to the Facebook parody page William Morse aka Eric Patterson so we can post them for all to see (including William himself, who regularly visits both the parody page and this blog).

My first few words in this blog may have been somewhat-offensive, but I'd rather make light of the individual than put him down. Once you start eating the same sandwich again and again, things start to get bland, don't they William?

So remember Howlies, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subway's. Mine's a footlong!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Who made Pattison 'King'?

Hello Howlers, and welcome to another post here on Devour my footlong. It seems that my mentor, the never renowned and infamous (yes, infamous) William Pattison aka Eric Morse has yet again gained his e-ball, and posted this on his page. I will transcribe it below, as reading black on red is difficult at the best of times. I will also interject numerous times to argue the points William is attempting to make.


'What do you call a person who spends their days harassing people, putting up insulting ans harassing pictures, creating "parody" (it should actually be quotation marks here, which look like this; - ', -  Ed) pages on Facebook and Twitter only focusing on two people and attacking them? And, (using a coordinating conjunction to begin a sentence makes this whole post look far below the level of a published author. - Ed) what about these people using fake profiles to slander, libel and try to ruin people's lives with lies? Well, you can call them stalkers or cyber bullies, but we in the horror community have a more simple and descriptive (Simple and descriptive? Seriously? - Ed) word for these people. We call them LOSERS. (More simple and descriptive? Ok. Let me begin by asking what these people lose at? That is never explained, so it being more descriptive is wrong. Secondly, how is it more simple? You in no way give any substance for your namecalling, making yourself once more into the stalker and cyber bully you seem to constantly rally against. - Ed) .

Don't drink the losers Kool-Aid (mmmmm Kool-Aid. - Ed). They are cowards and liars (something we here have proven Mr Pattison is time and again, with his numerous lies about vigilanteism, writing Star Trek, not writing fan fiction etc. Cowards? Yes, because someone who constantly blocks anyone who puts across a differing opinion and then talks shit about them after they have been blocked is certainly brave - Ed). Why else would they hide behind fake names (Ok Eric Morse/Morris - Ed) and fake profiles (Ok Kathleen Wilhoite, Gerald Fitzgerald, Brittany Lynn Thompson, Jeanette Thompson, Bob Masters, Jennifer Masters - Ed)? They have no honor or integrity. They are grown men and women who act like nine year olds and deserve as much consideration (Hold on. Are you saying nine year old children don't deserve consideration? Because that is exactly what it sounds like here William Pattison. Here we were thinking you couldn't get any more despicable - Ed).....

Ignore them and show them as much respect as they show this community and horror in general. (Which one is it William? It has to be one or the other. If you are ignoring them, you won't be acknowledging their existence, but if you show them as much respect as they do the horror community and horror in general, these people would be some of the most respected in the genre. Did you see the Artists in horror page, which actually gives thanks to horror artists all year round, and doesnt ask anyone to send emails which are sent in private, which then gives you cause to brag about how much success you've had with the event, when there is no way to quantize how many emails have been sent without asking each and every one of your friends - Ed).

The Horror Community (which William Pattison is not a part of) is trying to grow up and regain the respect it once had (horror has not been a respectable genre ever. People will always look down on horror because fear is an emotion many do not want to experience. People want entertainment, not to be looking behind them for shadow people while they walk home with urine and excrement filled trousers and underwear - Ed). Immature people like you are holding it back. We are tired of your game playing. (You mean you are tired of it don't you William? Because we get a lot of praise for doing what we do and not giving you the power to silence us - Ed). Grow up. The Horror Community is not applauding your efforts (No. Not applauding. Throwing their hands up in praise and their heads back with laughter. Applauding is much too reserved for what we do - Ed), they are shaking their heads and saying you need to get lives. You are disgraces.......

Stop cyber bullying and stalking in the horror community (that is why we do what we do William, to stop you bad mouthing people without reason, to stop your insane tirades against people who are doing so much better than you are and to uncover all the lies you tell to promote yourself in a positive light - Ed). We don't have to take this with our backs to the wall. We don't have to take this, you can end it all'.

An amusing read for sure, and one that yet again shows just how insecure and delluded William Pattison is. He even made a rhyme at the end of his post, so I am going to end this blog in similar fashion.

We will keep this up, put it all in a song.
We'll even talk about your love for crushing footlongs.
Never touched by a woman
Can't even touch himself.
So he sticks things up his ass like his new Batman on his shelf.

Lie after lie every single day
He would be so much more relaxed if he just came out as gay
Facebook friends aren't real, so cry and stamp your feet
The smell of dead racoon and a dumpster is anything but sweet.

Harassing memes and funny posts are the order of the day
My mentor really loves me but won't come out as gay
We talk long into the night about food and such like
then we masturbate on the phone late into the night.

So, anyways, remember Howlers, keep America strong, watch horror films, drink your gravy and eat your Subways! Mine's a footlong!!

P.S - We have been informed that the two lines William finished his post off with are actually taken from the song 'Bully' by Shinedown. He doesn't credit them (which would obviously be the right thing to do). This doesn't surprise anyone though, as William constantly 'borrows' from others (Bunny with the 'Sippy sippy' thing, Dr. Who and his Traveler story, Jason's mask for his young adult F13th novels). The man can't even come up with a couple of rhyming lines to finish his own posts with. Where's the talent from this author/artist/lecturer/bullshitter/stalker/bully?? Can anyone tell us?