Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Oh William, how foolish you are. Stop stealing other people's ideas!

Gore and scares you rotten ass fucks! Welcome to yet another tearing down of the one they call William Pattison (even though the majority of people know him as that guy who claims to have written those shitty Camp Crystal Lake novels and smells like dead raccoon and Obsession by Calvin Klein).

William, in his infinite wisdom actually dedicated an awakening in horror podcast to our lord and master Eric Hyde. William also admitted to 'stealing' (yes, he used that very word himself) the 'idea' for his story Robert Diablo from The Soska Sisters' treatment called 'Bob'. Amazingly, as you will see below, William claims that treatments and ideas cannot be copyrighted. Which calls into question the whole Jason Voorhees debacle, as Victor Miller only came up with the idea of Jason, yet is taking the makers of Friday the 13th to court because he came up with the idea of Jason Voorhees.

Even more hilarious, a quick google search explicity states that treatments AND ideas can indeed be copyrighted. Click HERE to be directed to the Google page which explains as such. So, Mr Pattison, and I know you're reading this, you are WRONG you turd sucking rotten sub-fucking mountain of pestilence. To be able to NOT be seen as a laughing stock, you really need to have a base for your claims. Yet still, after over two years of the Horror Socials working to show your lies (and succeeding so much you have dedicated an awful lot of time to us, although I doubt you'd admit that, but we know. We know how you sit infront of your computer crying into empty Subway wrappers, rocking back and forth, screaming, banging your head against your desk, festering in your wife-beater in between bouts of armpit licking and fingering your festering asscrack and eating what you pull out of there on your finger).

Even if that were the case though, and William could use the idea of Bob, he admites 'stealing' the idea. In his own words, in his book and his podcast, he uses the words 'I stole the idea from a treatment by Jen and Sylvia Soska', therefore displaying Williams complete inability to come up with anything original by himself. He steals' other peoples ideas becase he is so devoid of them (yet he can make up fantasy situations that would fit right into place in a Lifetime movie). His perception of fantasy and reality obviously blends into one. So much so that he claims his jeep is Kathleen Wilhoite. Obvioulsy he's ripping off Transformers there, but again, William won't admit it.

Yes William. You admit to stealing the idea. You stole it. The only thing you have in common with Jason Voorhees is that he 'Hacks' at his victims, and you are a Hack. A lying s(h)ack of shit that has run out of places to run.

In his latest podcast (which funnily enough got removed from YouTube for Bullying and Harassment) he takes some not so clever digs at Eric Hyde, and even goes as far as to threaten Erics child, telling Eric that his child would be homeless.

First of all, with all the name-calling William does in this podcast (yes William, we managed to dowload it before we got it removed hahahahahaha) he has virtually zero chance of using it to take Eric to court. In fact, with all of the hatred and bile he has spewed against everyone in his time as an internet troll, he wouldn't last an hour in court. The fact he keeps naming names and goes as far as to threaten their family? That's harassment right there. The fact he gets so angry he can hardly breathe? That just means he needs to exercise more. But enough of that.

The fact is William, you can continue on your way, and we will continue with ours. We are not breaking any laws. Linkville stopped publishing your books because you STOLE (in your own fucking words) Jen and Sylvia's idea for Bob (and yes, it was a script, not a treatment, and yes, we have got proof it is copyrighted, but we know that seeing as Linkville removed you from their company, no action was taken against you). So if you want to talk shit sir, feel free to do so, because we can shoot down every lie you put out there.

When you're done screaming at the screen and cryingafter reading this, wipe your tears away, pull the keys you keep on that keychain out of your ass, brush yourself off and get ready, because theres much more coming from us.

So, as I sign off, I will finally reveal who I am. My name is Peter. Peter Nesshead. I'm from Scotland, and I was harassed by William Pattison after asking where I could buy the Camp Crystal Lake novels (they were cheaper than coal up here, and with it getting so cold, we needed the fuel).

So, as always, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways! Mine's a 6" (I'm dieting right now, something else I can rub in William's face).

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tell us Lies, tell us sweet little lies (before you eat them because they are sweet and little).

Well well well Howlers, it seems my mentor, William Pattison has gone into overdrive with his lies lately. William posted on his new social media hangout (because his lies haven't been exposed widely on there yet) 'Minds' that he was attacked in the street by Bobby Livingston. What he posted can be seen below.

Now you can see he makes it quite clear that it is Bobby who attacked him. So imagine our (not so) surprised reaction when earlier today, Pattison posted this on Minds.

He states he 'also doesn't know' Bobby Livingston. His lies are becoming more obvious. He obviously thinks he can get away with it on Minds, but we are everywhere. Horror Socials Media doesn't rest. We are real life superheroes righting wrongs and outing lies, and Pattison is our Arch-enemy, the King(pin) of Splatterpants to our Bulshit Man (our ability is to point out and show everyone how much of a liar William Pattison is).

Also worth mentioning is his blatant misogyny ,calling a woman he doesn't know a 'Bitch'. Well done William. Showing your true colors again.

Something else that was rather funny happened too, and shows William still has absolutely no idea who we are. This will make you shake your heads (as it did us) as William names people on Facebook who he believes are Trolling him, only to name entirely different people on Minds. This shows William knows he has been beat on Facebook, and is attempting to claw back some kind of fame on Minds (which isn't going to happen, because we are more than happy to post our findings there too). Here are the two seperate posts he made. Make sure you aren't drinking or eating, because it is so hilarious that your drink or a pickle might hit the wrong spot and you might choke.

....and here is the post he made on Facebook.

Bless him, he can't even spell 'Bobby' correctly twice in a row. Let us not forget he is a seven time published author (AND PLAGIARIST).

I would like to invite everyone on Minds who has come across William 'Cretin' Pattison's profile to read through all we have revealed about him here. There are no lies to be found, just truth that reveals Mr Meatball (Who can't fit his head in a GUY FAWKES (not Guy Rolfe) mask) is sad, lonely and leads an empty life. One so empty that he has to make up lies to make it seem so much more interesting.

Please also check out Horror Socials Media on Youtube, where more of William Pattison's lies are revealed and discounted. We work tirelessly so you don't have to waste your time listening to douchebags who think they are something special when they can't even form a simple sentence or write a cohesive paragraph without including a single lie.

We are the protectors of truth, justice and the American way (which doesn't involve lying).

So, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways! Mine's a footlong!!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

We are still here.

Hello Howlers! Yes, we Horror Socials are still around, and still taking William Pattison (he seems to have dropped the 'aka Eric Morse/Morris from his name) to task about all the lies he tells and the constant mistakes he seems to make when talking about the genre he professes to love so much, which is horror.

April began with a bang, as the leader of The Horror Socials, Billy Jack, managed to convince William he was going to be getting free press passes to a convention, which saw William promote said convention on his page and even give out the telephone number for Victor Miller. We had such a laugh at his desperate messages, the way he pleads and makes himself out to be hard done by. He even bought up the same old bullshit stories when asked about the reason he was banned from Twisted Terror con. It was the perfect April Fools joke, and Willy Wale fell for it hook, line and stinker!!!

He also made a few new Coffee vlogs, has moved his radio show onto Youtube (because Blogtalk now charges. You'd think that with his radio show being so 'popular', he'd be able to afford to put money into his show) and has attempted to become a Horror Host by showing public domain films on Youtube, which is filmed in his basement complete with damp stains on the wall, numerous shots of flies surrounding him and even Cockroaches crawling over the lens of his camera. It would be great if this was done to add a macabre atmosphere to his show, but it's how his room really is.

He has learned to keep his mouth shut as of late though, which is definitely a good thing. Yet again, we win by silencing the toxic bag of Subways-scented wind. He still hasn't admitted to his lies, but he hasn't bought up his outlandish claims either.

In other news, Horror Socials Media creator Eric Hyde revealed himself and has sent a couple of rebuttals to William, but William seems to pay no attention, choosing to slate Hyde in videos rather than chat online or even in a video call. The man just can't help himself. The anonymity of the net obviously makes William feel safe and secure in his rants and raves, yet he has no idea how to handle things when the tables are turned on him. He still fails to understand that parody is legal, and that these blogs do not promote lies of any kind, but do infact publish the truth, which is much more than William has ever done.

You see William, we aren't going away. Ignore us, blast us on your Coffee Vlogs, lie to your viewers and say you know who we are (remember your messages to Billy Jack/The convention organizer, when you told her that you knew who was leading the 'cyber bullies')?

The Horror Socials continue to grow, and will continue to do so while William Pattison continues to use the internet to lie, bully and slate anyone who he sees fit because he won't face any repercussions because this is the internet. Well we are here to change that. We won't let you bully and slate people anymore William. If it was constructive criticism you offered, we could understand, but misogyny, homophobia and calling people 'retards' just isn't right, and until you stop using such slurs and apologise, and come clean about your lies, we will take our rightful place on your shoulders, whispering in your ears so you can hear us everytime you make a video or write a post.

We are The Horror Socials. Our mission statement is to stop the cyberbullying and victimisation perpertrated by William Pattison. He may call us cyberbullies, but that is merely a diversionary tactic. He knows he cannot win. He knows he is beat.

Oh, and even funnier, William displayed his lack of knowledge on Facebook live by having the Guy Fawkes mask from Alan Moore's V for Vendetta in his hands, and calling it a Guy Rolfe mask. Oh how we laughed about that!! How can one confuse Guy Rolfe and Guy Fawked, especially when V for Vendetta is an incredibly popular graphic novel and a film to boot? Of course, William will put this down to, and I quote 'a slip of the tongue', but as I'm sure our readers know, is just a way for William to run and hide from his mistakes. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, the man can't even own up to his mistakes. So I'm going to write a few here to show you the level of genius we are up against.

He says Kane Hodder is in several Friday the 13th films. Kane is only in four.

He calls The Gunslinger 'The Gunfighter'.

He thinks William Wales directed Frankenstein. It was James Whale.

He thinks The Asphyx was produced by 'Amegus Pictures'. He means Amicus Pictures, but still he is wrong, as it was produced by Glendale.

He called The Incredible Melting Man 'The Fantastic Melting Man'.

When corrected politely about this 'slips of the tongue', William simply blocks the person correcting him and then talks shit about them. It's hilarious that he doesn't have the balls to own up to his mistakes, but he'd rather block and play the 'Alpha male' by pretending he's being bullied. He's a joke!!

So, alrighty then. Anyways, y'know, it's errrrrr.......y'y'y'know ......time to end this blogpost. Keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways. Mine's a footlong!!!!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

William Pattison aka The World's Biggest LOSER!!

You have to laugh at William Pattison aka Eric Morse's stupidity. In his latest post, he has yet again decided to put forward the idea that he is 'winning' against us. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I will go through why momentarily. But first, here is the post he made;

As you can see, he is still using his bullying tactics to put Billy Jack down. In the space of two sentences, he says his life is an epic fail and that Billy Jack is a loser. The he goes on to say Billy Jack can't get something into his 'idiot head', saying he has us beat and saying Billy Jack's misspelling makes him look even more stupid and pathetic.

To combat these bullying tactics employed by William Pattison, allow me to put forward why we are winning.

1: He was fired from Linkville Press because we pointed out his admission to stealing a story from Jen and Sylvia Soska.

2: Milo Spires pulled the forward from William's book because William displayed his abnormal behaviour towards Milo.

3: He lost his author page, his Wolf Pack Podcast page and his main profile page he has had since 2008 because of numerous instances of hate speech.

4: He claimed he worked with Kathleen Wilhoite to develop her character in Witchboard, adding in the 'TTFN' to her dialogue. This was proven as false by the director of Witchboard, Kevin Tenney.

5: He has put blockers on his pages banning certain words (like 'Loser', for example).

6: He has had numerous lies rebuffed by us, such as him working on Star Trek (which on the one hand he says he worked on the treatments for Star Trek II and III, but on his blog description he states he worked the scripts), his working on Witchboard, his working on Yesterday's Enterprise and numerous other lies he has told (just look at the past posts on here. Unlike William Pattison aka Eric Morse, we provide hard evidence to back up all of our claims).

7: His Eric Morse profile was removed, and he couldn't get it back because he had no papers identifying him as Eric Morse, which really does cast suspicions about him writing the Camp Crystal Lake novels.

Now, I am going to do something new here. I am going to post something one of our supporters sent to us after reading this very blog. So William Pattison aka Eric Morse, look carefully. Our claims have weight. We don't lie, we don't bully. We exist solely for the truth, which is something you don't seem to have a very good relationship with. Enjoy reading this William, because we certainly did.

So there you have it. We have kept the identity of the person anonymous, but you can see that the things we have exposed have weight. The truth holds water William Pattison, unlike the majority of things that come out of your mouth.

Even though he is attacking Billy Jack, the sad little man still has to attack Jen and Sylvia Soska (whom he calls 'The Sockas), Jessica Cameron and Michelle Shields. He then tells us to grow up. William, we aren't the one making up outlandish lies to get people to like us. We aren't paying for interviews so we can get publicity because no horror blogger or magazine wants to touch you. We aren't constantly bragging that we are winning (but we are William. Oh yes, we are Winning so much).

If none of our shit is working on you, then why acknowledge it? I'll tell you why William. It's because you are once more attempting to put a front on like this isn't bothering you, but the very fact you give it acknowledgement shows that it is bothering you immensely. Your lies are transparent.

You aren't doing what you are doing at all. You hardly have any of the followers you had on your previous profiles, your books aren't available and you aren't even making coffee vlogs anymore. So go ahead and say we aren't bothering you, because the evidence speaks for itself.

People can say what they want about anyone. You fail to realise that this isn't anything to do with you putting down Jen and Sylvia, Jessica Cameron or Michelle Shields. But you still attempt to divert attention away from your own behaviour by bringing their names up (such a big strong man putting women down, you misogynistic imbecile). You just don't learn. You are far too stupid. Far too stupid indeed.

We don't look like fools. This is the thing. We have revealed so much truth about you, you look like a fool. A huge fool who everyone in horror is shaking their heads at. The fact a 50-something year old man lies so much just to make himself seem like he has some self-worth. The fact that he has imaginary relationships and even has tattoos of those imaginary relationships (we all shook our heads so hard at that. In fact I know a few of us haven't stopped shaking our heads since we saw that photo).

We are going to stay and read and look at your stuff, and to reveal every single lie you put forward and shine a light on your bullying ways. We aren't going anywhere. You have practically been silenced by us, so please, tell us again how you are winning.

I'll make it easy for you. YOU AREN'T.

As we all raise our hands in the air, the millions and millions of horror fans cheering our quest, shaking their heads at your behaviour. Isn't that what you want William? It is isn't it?

We are winning, and for as long as you continue to bully and lie, we will continue to win.

Put simply, you are a loser William Pattison aka Eric Morse. Probably the world's biggest loser.

So from now on, we will refer to you as William 'Loser' Pattison aka Eric 'Loser' Morse.

So anyways, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways! Mine's a Footlong (because William Pattison is a loser and needs to fill his empty void with food, otherwise he would feel nothing).

Friday, 30 September 2016

Wow. The Wordpress blog where William Pattison aka Eric Morse was interviewed has been asking authors the same questions for over three years.

Yep. The title pretty much says it all. You may remember my last post, where I went through a directionless and general interview that William Pattison aka Eric Morse did. Well, imagine my surprise when I decide to look a little more into the website where the interview was published.

You can visit it yourself by clicking HERE , but it seems that the person has been asking exactly the same set of questions since May of 2013. Of course I am not about to put the lady down, as that is not my intention and I will certainly not stoop to the level of William Pattison aka Eric Morse, but the claims I made in my last post are obviously correct, as the same set of questions have been asked hundreds of times to different authors without even a slight change to the wording of the questions.

Yet again this is William trying to use whomever he can to get his name out there. He craves fame so much, but will never come to the realization that he is an untalented hack, bully and laughing stock (not gravy William, stock) of not only the horror community, but also in the community of authors.

Again I am not making this up, and a quick click on the link and a look through the webpage will confirm exactly what I am saying.

Caught out again William Patttison aka Eric Morse. Frustrated? I am sure you are. Everything you try seems to blow up in your face. Your voice on the internet has practically been silenced. Everyone is shaking their heads at you and your cyber-bullying and stalking, and the fact you are a 50-something man-baby trying to play the victim while blocking people and then talking shit about them.

I promise you this William Pattison aka Eric Morse. We won't stop. You can attempt to put a front across that makes people believe we aren't bothering you, but your behaviour speaks volumes. You blocking words and profanity on your Facebook pages, your continuous removal of comments,which then make your replies look like the rambling of a food-obsessed fat man who shits himself when he sees a shadow of a man in a hat. Hold on, that's what you are. Well done for reinforcing the truth that we put out.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Another fake interview with no follow-on questions, generalization and no specifics.

I don't think William Pattison aka Eric Morse will ever learn. He has yet again had another interview, which just from the questions alone you can see that it isn't specifically for him.

I'm going to do something different this time. I am going to transcribe the interview completely, and interject in brackets where William has either lied, made a terrible mistake or is just plain being dumb. All of the interview isn't my work, so credit should be paid to the interviewer. All answers are those of William Pattison aka Eric Morse, and have not been altered for the purposes of this blog.

Name William Pattison (Also known as Eric Morse)

Age 52 (or you could say 30ish) (Why would anyone say 30ish when he is 52?)

Where are you from?
San Mateo, California

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc
I’m a graduate of Aragon High School and did four years at The College of San Mateo studying Filmmaking and Business. (Did he graduate from College? He doesn't confirm or deny this. I'd be interested to know). It was at The College of San Mateo that I got my interest in writing (So he got his interest in writing at College. That is confirmed by him. Ok). My entry score (I’m lousy at tests) were low, so I couldn’t get into the fiction writing class. So, I bought a copy of the text book for the class (The Craft of Fiction by William C Knott) and taught myself how to write.(Really? You needed to be taught how to write? I'm no H.P Lovecraft, but I haven't read a single book on writing and manage quite well, winning numerous awards throughout my time at school. I find this incredibly unbelievable, and as you read on, you will see why).

I live with my sister and my niece in a four level Spanish style house. (Four level? Brittany Lynn Thompson told us it was three level. Are you just adding on levels to seem more important?)We inherited. I have three cats. One is a tubby American Shorthair named Balkazar Emperor of Evil, Child of Destruction. My next cat is a brain damaged (He somehow got in the clothes dryer) named Simply Tommy (Simply Tommy? Are you fucking serious? How offensive, calling a brain-damaged cat 'Simple'. An insight into William's mind reveals itself right there). My final cat is a paranoid grey tabby named Smokey. She is an outside cat but likes to take her meal in the kitty house I’ve provided on the porch of my house.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

Currently I’m trying to get three of my books republished because a bunch of cyber stalkers attacked my publisher’s Facebook and forced her to pull my books. (No one forced anyone to pull his books. Honestly, he was let go because he admitted to stealing a story from Jen and Sylvia Soska.This has been convered by me in the past, so I won't go into detail here, but he likes blaming others for his idiotic mistakes, that's for sure). I’m having to self publish the books now. I’m currently waiting while a friend reformats the books, it will take a while because she is having to do them around doing her other contracted formatting projects.
Also I’m drawing cover art for all my prologue stories for the ultimate combined edition of my six part anthology, Symphony of Death. These pictures will appear after the series finally finishes its run on Kindle. They, along with an additional bonus story, will appear in the combined print edition.
Also, besides doing my monthly podcast on Blog Talk Radio, The Wolf Pack Presents, I’m also trying my hand as a horror host on YouTube with William Pattison’s Bloodbath Theatre. On this show I present two classic horror films and give trivia on each.
So, keeping busy…

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?
I’ve always had stories in my head it only when I got into college that I found a couple venues (Fiction writing and screen writing) to express myself. (So you only found venues for your writing in College, yet previously you state that you only got your interest in writing in College. Which one is it Mr Hypocrite?)
At the time I was going to film school it was before digital cameras and editing programs open door for fledgling filmmakers. Due to the cost of film and film processing along with having to depend so much on other people to put the stories on the screen I found myself moving away from the path of directing into screen writing. It was also around this time I became interested in writing books, because I realized that a lot of books end up being adapted for the screen, so if I did screen writing and writing books I opened more opportunity to get my stories out into the world.

Fiona: When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I was born a writer. (But.....But what about gaining your interest in writing at College? Yet you were born a writer? Seriously, M. Night Shayamalan couldn't write a story with this much confusion).I’ve had stories and scenes running through my mind since I was a little kid.  Now if you want to know when I considered myself an author, (You twat. An author and a writer are the same goddamn thing. Honestly!) that is an interesting tale….
It was 1993. I was working as an early morning stock person at our local Kmart. One of the ladies I worked with was a lady named Charisma Jones (Fake name). Charisma was a huge fan of science fiction and horror, like myself. We would spend hours while we stocked shelves talking about movies. One day Charisma told me that her relative (it was either her brother or cousin) worked for Berkley Books, a mainline publishing house and they had acquired the rights to do a series of book based on the Friday the 13th franchise. She said that her relative told her that they were looking for a writer to write the books. Supposedly she had brought me up to her relative and he told her to have me submit samples of my writing. I was reluctant because I was in the middle of writing my first novel, The Traveler: A Conflict of Interest, and had heard that the F13 franchise was pretty much dead due to the fact that the film Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday had come out and wasn’t received very well by the fans. This was before the Freddy VS Jason idea came out (No it wasn't. You see, at the end of Jason Goes to Hell, Freddy reaches up and snatches Jason's mask with his hand, planting the seed of a Freddy Vs Jason movie. You honestly have no idea about the franchise you claim to love so much do you, piggybacking on Friday the 13th you hack).. So the thing was if I wrote the books and they failed it might affect my book I was in the middle of writing. Also, I would be writing for a dying franchise, which wasn’t a positive thing as well. It took both Charisma and my mother pressuring me before I finally caved and submitted some of my writing to Berkley Books.
In the end I did get the job. I asked Berkley Books to credit my under the pen name Eric Morse, just in case the book series failed.
Well, the book series did indeed fail, but not because of my writing (It was because of your writing though. Where was Jason? Where were the graphic murders?). Berkley Books foolishly published the books as young adult horror, which kept the books from reaching Friday the 13th fans (So all Friday the 13th fans are adults? Now, the first Friday the 13th film came out in 1980. Jason goes to hell came out in 93, a whole thirteen years later) . Also, Berkley didn’t advertise or do book signings or have me at horror conventions to promote (Why would they? Who wants a Friday the 13th without Jason? Even the first film features him, yet your non-canon books don't. They are, like you, a complete joke). So, after nearly killing myself having to write four books in one year (That was another thing they hid in their contract),(Because writing books is difficult enough to cause death. Fucking asshole. Think of all the people who fight for our countries, the medical services, fire services before saying such a stupid thing) the book failed to sell in the volume Berkley expected and they cancelled the next four books in the series and only paid me $1,500 of the $10,000 I was supposed to get for all my work. That was my trial by fire as an author (You got a payment of around 8 percent. This doesn't make any sense. If you were supposed to get $10,000 for your work, you should have gotten $10,000 for it. The fact that you didn't is very strange indeed. Very strange.)

Fiona: What inspired you to write your first book?
Well, my first book, The Traveler: A Conflict of Interest, was actually inspired by the screenplay I wrote for my main film project I wrote in filmmaking class.
After I finished my class film the character of The Traveler kept coming to mind. I figured he had more stories, so I decided to do a series of books based on his exploits (Yet to this date there is only one book. Nice job of sticking to the plan William).

Fiona: Do you have a specific writing style?
You would have to ask my fans about that. From the feedback I get from fans my writing grabs them and plays out in their heads like a movie, except that they know and care about the characters more than a movie can (This is the most general answer anyone can give. Of course when you read it plays out in your head like a movie for fucks sake. That's what a person's imagination does). Also supposedly chapters build on each other so the reader get addicted to the story and have a hard time putting it down (I call Bullshit. I've read his work, and they are a mess of characters named after people he obsesses over or has known, and plot devices stolen from horror films or tv shows he watches).

Fiona: How did you come up with the title?
With my first book, The Traveler: A Conflict of Interest, I knew the name The Traveler had to be a part of the title. Then I came up with the subtitle, A Conflict of Interest because in the story The Traveler is conflicted in regard to his mission because the person he must stop is his best friend (Ok, so it's a conflict, but not a conflict of interest? Is his friend interested in something, but The Traveler is not? That's right William. Put words together and hope people don't think about things).

Fiona: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
For the answer to this question I will talk about my novel Psychotic State: The Novel (See how general the question is? So general that William Pattison aka Eric Morse gets to choose which book he talks about). Psychotic State is about a twenty-eight year old man who has been bullied and mistreated all his life. After a series of events causes the main character David Coleman to lose his job and his medical insurance. He is left off his meds for his bipolar condition. He finds his moral compass twisted and he starts hunting down the bullies who have made his life hell and takes revenge on them. It ends with him tricking a bunch of his torturers into coming to a field party where he slaughters them.
Psychotic State is a statement on the situation of bullying on both children and adults and shows an extreme example of what can happen when these situations are ignored. In the real world bullies are pushing people to murder and suicide because both people and law enforcement are more willing to ignore rather than help in these situations (Bullshit. This is a crutch you use to get people to feel sorry for you. Grow the fuck up).
An amusing side affect ('Effect', dumb-ass) I’ve heard about is that victims of bullying that read this book feel a relief of their pain (Bullshit. Reading a fucking book isn't going to help anyone who is bullied feel comfort from pain. If it is making people murder, or commit suicide, then obviously the bullying has a deep-seated psychological effect (not affect), so again you are simply making shit up. What a fucking idiot). It is like experiencing David taking his revenge frees them (My rosie-red ass it does).

Fiona: How much of the book is realistic and are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
All of my books are fictional and exist in a hyper reality. I may tap into my personal experience to enhance the perceived reality of the situation (or use the names of people you have obsessed over like Kathleen, Felicia etc). I know when I was writing Psychotic State I had to tap into my old buried experiences of being picked on and bullied as a child in school as well as taping (taping? You mean 'tapping' right? Was this interview even proof-read for fucks sake?) to my feelings of being a grown man and being harassed and mistreated by my peers in the horror community (Because you are a lying bullying piece of shit William. Face facts lardass).

Fiona: What books have most influenced your life most? a mentor?
In regards to books Siddhartha, The Razors Edge, To Serve Them all my Days, The Silent Flute, Moby Dick, A Tale Of Two Cities, The works of H P Lovecraft, The works of Edgar Allan Poe, The works of Ray Bradbury, The works of Clive Barker, The writings of Bentley Little, the writings of Issac Asimov, The writings of Harlan Ellison, The writings of H G Wells.
In regard to mentors, as in people who inspire me (people who inspire you are inspirations, not mentors. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this guy. His brain doesn't work properly, does it?), Harlan Ellson, Issac Asimov, Ray Bradbury,  H P Lovecraft, Clive Barker, David Cronenberg, Bentley Little, Gene Roddenberry, Dan Curtis, John Stanley.

Fiona: Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest and who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?
There are a couple newer authors that have my interest. One is Wayne Mallows. Wayne has written three wonderful vampire novels: Whitechapel Road, Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, and Unnatural Selection. The other author is Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill. Joe is the author of Horns, Heart Shaped Box, In Tall Grass, among others.
My current favorite author is Bentley Little. One thing I like about his work is each novel is unique and in its own world. One book I was royally impressed with was his novel The Store. This book is a vampire story without a vampire. It presents a retail big box store as a monster that sucks the life out of a small town.

Fiona: Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.
My fans are my support. Even when my haters try to rip me down my fans are there to keep me going. It is the love of my fans that give me strength during my lowest times (Yet your fans exist in your head. They aren't real, just like your 'relationship' with Kathleen Wilhoite or your 'friendship' with Jen and Sylvia Soska).

Fiona: Do you see writing as a career?
It is more an obsession than a career. To me writing is life. I have to write. I must get out as many stories as I can before I die. Family and friends ask me why I continue since I don’t make much money off of it and it makes my life so complicated and frustrating due to the number of haters and cyber bullies I’ve amassed. For me I care more about leaving an enduring legacy over getting rich or being famous (his legacy will be 'William Pattison aka Eric Morse. Creator of arrid vaginas, imaginary relationships and hack writing).

Fiona: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
Not a thing. My latest book, which is still in the que (Spanish? Surely you mean Queue? No fucking proof-reading again! Amatures!) waiting to be formatted and published is exactly what I wanted to be, in fact even more. I’m excited to have it published and to hear what the fans have to say about it.

Fiona: Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
It started with me reading wonderful books by wonderful writers (So not in College as you stated earlier? Wow. Three different versions in one fucking interview. Incredible that you can't even keep your story straight here). That planted the seed and got my imagination running and characters were born in my mind that demanded life. I think of authors as gods in their own way. They create worlds and everything in those worlds and if they does their job right their worlds come alive.
That is my vision of God. He is a writer named Chuck (Have you ever heard anything so idiotically pretentious as a writer declaring themselves as god? Fucking pathetic, and a measure of this imbeciles ego to boot).

Fiona: Can you share a little of your current work with us?
I’m currently in the middle of writing a six part horror anthology series titled Symphony of Death. The anthology will consist of six prologues that relate to the wrap around story and six main stories.
I’m currently working on the forth book in the anthology. The prologue in this book is titled Executive Assistance. It tells the story of Levy Jackson, the executive assistant of record mogal Vince Manfrenini (No, this doesn't sound like Friday the 13th composer Harry Manfredini at all. Way to go William's imagination). In the story Levy must watch helplessly as his boss slowly goes insane after he acquires the cursed sheet music of the Symphony of Death.
The main story of this part of the anthology is a story titled Shadowman VS The Undead. It tells the story of a former famous internet geek icon named Felicia Donovan (Felicia D, like Felicia Day?). It is the fifth year of the zombie apocalypse and Felicia is insane and living in a fantasy world where she is in the forth season of a reality show about how to survive the zombie apocalypse (Yet again William passes off the idea of Hellevator as his own. What a cunt). It is during one of her “demonstrations” of how to scavenge food that she is brought back to reality amusingly by a real life superhero called The Shadow Man. The Shadow Man saves her from a stampede (really? A stampede? shit shit shit!) of zombies. Then he takes her under his wing as his apprentice. It is then that the two of them must face a death cult that calls themselves The Undead. Their leader, who is named Hope, plans to kill all living humans and bring forth a world of the dead with himself as the head of its god totem. Now can a battle worn fifty year old real life super hero (Ooooo the same age as William. Coincidence?) and a geek girl (Like Felicia Day) stop an army nut case death cult members and their pet zombies?
Sound intriguing? (No it fucking doesn't. It sounds like a mastubatory fantasy you have imagined about Felicia Day, where you 'Rescue' her from Zombies and get laid because of it, you sad pathetic old man).

Fiona: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Filling an empty pages with black markings. All of writing is a challenge and a gamble. You might think you have the next great American novel only to find the rest of the world thinks it’s a dud (The whole world thinks this William. Accept it. It's the truth).

Fiona: Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)?
I’ve traveled to Dayton Ohio in 2014 to be a guest and sign my books at a horror convention. I also did a convention in Rocky Mount Virginia to do a convention (Did a convention to do a convention? I'm confused!!). But those are all I’ve done since I signed with my last publisher. Before that I was a guest at the first Days of the Dead convention in 2011 in Indianapolis, but I didn’t have books to sign then because my Camp Crystal Lake novels were out of print. Currently I have no plans to travel, because I have to wait for my books to be republished.

Fiona: Who designed the covers?

With the Camp Crystal Lake novels Berkley books designed the covers, which I get a lot of flack about from my haters (Because they depict scenes that don't happen in the book. Think McFly, Think!!). Now I have full control over the covers of my books. I designed the cover for Psychotic State: The Novel. My publisher with Linkville Press designed the cover for The Traveler: A Conflict of Interest, but I had final ok on it. For Symphony of Death I design the basic cover background and letter graphic, but artist Christopher James Benavides does the actual artwork.

Fiona: What was the hardest part of writing your book?
Finding the time to do any writing. I work a full time job and my sister is constantly wanting me to do things around the house. I’ll be in the middle of writing a scene and my phone will ring and I’ll have to stop to do something for my sister (How old is William again?? What the actual fuck?). Then it will take me time to reconnect to the characters and story.

Fiona: Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
Every book is a learning experience. You always learn something about yourself and the world around you. I’ve seen and experienced the best and worst of people. I’ve delved into the dark pits of my very soul (he calls his underwear 'His soul'). I’ve made friends and enemies. Writing is more than writing, it is life leather bound.

Fiona: If any of your books was made into a film who would you like to play the lead?
Hard to say. I know the studio would more than likely cast the wrong person. I would hate to see them pull on me what they’ve done with Stephen King and The Dark Tower film they are doing. I would hope they would look at the material and do it justice and show it respect (I don't think filming a steaming pile of shit for 90 minutes would be something anyone could enjoy).

Fiona: Do you have any advice for other writers?
If you are looking to be the next Stephen King, give up. You will be disappointed. Be prepared to work your ass off for little return. Be prepared to have lots of headaches and have loved ones get frustrated with you because you have little time to spend with them. Be prepared to have narrow minded idiots insult your hard work and try to beat you down and make you quit. But also be prepared to feel the love of a few souls that will think of you as something special. Also, be ready to have people ask you to help them get what you’ve got. But also remember you are GOD (No you are not god under any circumstances. Not only is this quite blasphemous, it is also, as previously mentioned, incredibly pretentious. You are an asshole of the highest order). You create reality in your books. You create worlds and people you will be closer to than anyone in “the real world.” (How full of shit can one man be?)

Fiona: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

I love you. (What? You don't even know me.... Now I know how Kathleen, Bunny, Felicia, Black Friday and The Soska's felt about you).

Fiona: What book are you reading now?
Unfortunately, with all the writing I’m doing I have no time to read. I mostly listen to audio books on the bus home from work. The last book I listened to was Joe Hill’s Heart Shaped Box.

Fiona: Do you remember the first book you read?
No. That was too many years ago.  Can you remember any details from 30 years ago? (Yes. Can't you?) How about 20? What color shirt were you wearing on June 27th 2016? (Black. It's a simple question) What did you read in the newspaper on that day? (I didn't read a fucking newspaper. They are the only thing more contemptable than your feeble attempts at fan fiction) Modern day to day culture and everyday events cloud our memories of the past (Bullshit).

Fiona: What makes you laugh/cry?
Comedy and tragedy.(Also looking in the mirror, finishing a footlong and knowing no one likes his stories).

Fiona: Is there one person past or present you would meet and why?
Vincent Van Gogh. I would like to meet him a few months before he died and tell him how much is art meant to the world. Van Gogh died thinking his life’s work was garbage, not worthy of the price of a cup of coffee. It is stories like this that anger me. Too many artists die without getting the recognition or appreciation they deserve.

Fiona: What do you want written on your head stone and why ?
Here Lies William Pattison, Maker Of Worlds (And creator of the arrid vagina)
I want this because it is the truth. But it isn't. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Fiona: Other than writing do you have any hobbies ?
I collect movies and movie memorabilia, I also paint and draw.

Fiona: What TV shows/films do you enjoy watching?
Anything horror, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, or mystery. (So pretty much everything and anything then?)

Fiona: Favorite foods / Colors/ Music
I’m addicted to hamburgers, Chinese, and Italian food (You could never tell).
Colors: Blue and red.
Good music. I hate Country and Polka.

Fiona: If you were not a writer what else would you like to have done?
Nothing else. (He can't even be a writer well).

I think that's enough of that. Be sure to share this and keep spreading the word about this monstrous cry-baby man-child who provokes, bullies and blocks.

Friday, 26 August 2016

William is caught out lying once more, and has his e-balls back, only for me to e-castrate him once more.

Well Howlers, Horror Socials Media once again has hit the jackpot. I'm sure you all remember how William Pattison aka Eric Morse claimed how he was in a relationship with Kalthleen Wilhoite. How he claimed to help with the wardrobe of her character in Witchboard, Zarabeth McGee and how he even suggested she put the 'T.T.F.N' in her dialogue.

Now, Kevin Tenney, the director of Witchboard, was approached by the relentless leader of The Horror Socials, Billy Jack. Amazingly, Kevin Tenney replied and subsequently blew William Pattison aka Eric Morse's claims out of the water. In the interests of truth, I will firstly post the claims William Pattison aka Eric Morse made, and then post a screen cap of the reply Kevin Tenney sent to Billy Jack which yet again prove William Pattison aka Eric Morse is nothing but a liar.

Proof. Undeniable proof from the director of Witchboard. William is caught out yet again. He is a liar, and I am sure these revelations will continue. This is what happens when people lie. The truth is out there, and we will find it.

Now, earlier, William decided to attempt to intimidate Billy Jack. Here is the post he made. I will be dissecting it after, just to show the hypocrisy that William Pattison aka Eric Morse seems to put out with every single message.

Firstly, if this is a full time job it means you don't have a job? But it's a full time job William. You can't acknowledge it being a job and then say it isn't a job a few words later. I sort of feel sorry for you. You obviously don't have the mental capacity to put into words what you are feeling, so you ramble inanely, hoping that it makes some sort of sense (It really doesn't. Sorry about that).

We have an unreasonable obsession? You mean like you and The Soska's, Michelle Shields, Felicia Day, Bunny, Nikki Malia, Dark Spider etc? You want to keep throwing things our way William, yet all we have to do is write the truth.

We do not plan your destruction. The fact you continue to lie means you are writing it yourself. All we have to do is report the news and show the truth. That is our agenda. That is why we do this. For the truth.

You complain that Billy Jack has pretended to be people like you've never had a fake profile. Did you forget about Gerald Fitzgerald? Zarabeth MacGee? John Margolis? Pattison William? Liam Pattison? I'm sure there are many more too. When you accuse people of things, expect to have the truth shoved down your throat sir. What you do will not be ignored. It will be bought to light and we will not stop until everyone knows just how much of a hypocritical liar and bully you are.

Our credibility is in question? Funny. I think our credibility is in tact. We are gaining support, we chat to the people you claim have wronged you and they provide evidence which puts your lies to shame. If anyone wants to doubt our credibility then that is fine. But at least provide evidence as to why we lack credibility. I sincerely doubt you could provide anything of the sort considering what is written on here is the truth.

So, with that, I bid you all a good day. This isn't goodbye, because it seems William Pattison aka Eric Morse doesn't understand when he is beaten and has been shown to be a liar time and time again. We will not be going anywhere.

Also William, if you want to try and send your friends to attempt to argue with us, make sure they are prepared. Derek Young's attempt to try and intimidate us failed miserably, and ended up with him deleting all of his comments. Luckily we screen-capped them all, as we always do. It's great to have them just in case.

So, anyways, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways. Mine's a footlong!