Friday, 26 February 2016

Willy lies to cover his lies. What a surprise.....

Hmmmm. Today William Pattison aka Eric Morse posted this: -

Imagine just how much we laughed at the man who is trying to disguise his lies with more lies. Yet again, I will provide evidence that shows William Pattison gave his own book 5 stars on Goodreads.

It speaks for itself. Unfortunately we are not blind idiots. It is there for all to see. YOU RATED YOUR OWN BOOK 5 STARS!!!

So obviously you are faking reviews. You are biased, are not reviewing it subjectively and not offering any criticism whatsoever. They are all features of a review. The fact that you simply give yourself 5 stars screams of insecurity. The fact you have to rate your work so highly and no one else does (Amber not included, because she rates everything you write with 5 stars) speaks volumes about not only your own confidence in your own work (which you obviously have very little of) but also your lack of confidence in all other areas of your life.

No one here will 'give you a fucking break' while you continue to lie, even when the evidence is clear for all to see. If an author wants their book to sell, I don't see why they wouldn't put their own money into it. Again, this shows William Pattison aka Eric Morse's immaturity and lack of knowledge about the entertainment industry. You have to put money in to get money out. It is that simple.

Quite simply William Pattison aka Eric Morse, you are struggling now aren't you? You've been caught red handed, and the evidence is as clear as day. You've no way out of this, and you are displaying exactly the type of behaviour I expected you to. Ignorance only lasts so long William. People's eyes are opening all the time, and this is a slip-up of rather large proportions.

Again I reiterate, we are not haters, trolls or bullies. We only deal in truth, which is why you fear us and feel the need to talk us down all the time. To be consumed by such niggling doubt, not knowing who we are or how we operate, to worry about all the lies you have told in the past about Star Trek, about your alledged vigilanteism and about how well your books are doing. It is all propoganda.

People see through propoganda when their eyes are opened. We are not controlled by fear of the claws. We are spurned onwards by your ignorance, hatred and arrogance. We  may be losers in your eyes, but in everyone elses, we are winners. That will never change.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Pattison aka Morse and Propaganda.

Hello Howlers. Today I am going to break character for a change, and write a serious piece on something William Pattsion aka Eric Morse seems to throw our way a lot as of late. He claims everything here is basically 'propoganda'. Propoganda is defined as information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a point of view or political cause, or used to help or harm an individual.

This states that propoganda has an agenda to either help or harm someone. I want to make it perfectly clear that while we do occasionally poke fun at William Pattison aka Eric Morse, every claim we have made on this blog has been backed up by evidence. Every claim is true, and is not made to either harm or promote Pattison aka Morse. It is made to shine a light on someone who feels they can get away with lying to people who might invest some kind of interest in his work, to people who support him and to people who have no idea who he is.

When making an argument either for or against something, evidence is crucial, otherwise everything would be taken at face value. If Pattison aka Morse wants to say we use propoganda against him, the least he could do is give evidence to back up his claims. The fact we can offer evidence to shoot down each one of his claims says an awful lot.

I believe, as do others, that what Pattison aka Morse regularly posts about on his social media is positive propoganda, attempting to promote a happy and welcoming social media persona. Yet all anyone has to do is Google William Pattison aka Eric Morse to read the man's hyperbole, ranting and asinine sexism and derogatory comments to everyone from the handicapped to those of different sexual orientation.

For the sake of argument, I am going to quote three sources that have recently come to light, and I am going to talk a little about each of them after I have shown each piece of evidence.

What we have here is The Horror Socials against William Pattison member 'Billy Jack' contacting the Star Trek: The Next Generation: Yesterday's Enterprise facebook fan page. Now while the full conversation isn't visible, you can obviously see that whoever runs the page knows that Pattison aka Morse had absolutely nothing to do with Yesterday's Enterprise, even though Pattison aka Morse claims he wrote it and Star Trek II and III.

 This is a prime example of Pattison aka Morse promoting himself using propoganda. He feels that if people think he worked on the scripts for arguably the two most popular Star Trek films, he is bound to get some kind of recognition. Unfortunately, as Pattison aka Morse either won't or isn't able to (and I believe the latter is much more likely than the former) produce counter evidence that argues against our claim and evidence that he had nothing to do with writing annything to do with Star Trek, then what we are writing isn't propoganda at all. It is the truth.

What you will see next is Pattison aka Morse exacerbating the situation even further by claiming one of the writers of Yesterday's Enterprise, Eric Stillwell stole Pattison aka Morse's manuscript for Yesterday's Enterprise.

Here we have Pattison denying knowledge of him being called out on the Yesterday's Enterprise page, as well as making his accusation towards Eric Stillwell and shooting down anything Stillwell 'might' say. This is primarily a defensive reaction to limit damage to himself when people learn of the truth. Surprisingly, Stillwell was president of Star Fleet: The international Star Trek fan club (the title of which Pattison aka Morse doesn't quote correctly). 

Pattison aka Morse wants to doubt the credibility of this blog because of its name? His blog is called 'Eric Morse Raw'. Does that lose credibility because the blog isn't about meat? His argument is useless beyond all recognition. Again, this is propoganda. Pattison aka Morse is playing the victim, attempting to garner sympathy from people because someone is 'stalking him' and harassing him for a year. Again, this is damage limitation, and if Pattison aka Morse does fly off the handle, he can blame it all on his stalker/harasser, because they are making his life so unbearable.

Finally, take a look at this.

This is Pattison aka Morse rating his very own book 5 stars on Goodreads. Now, I know all artists should be proud of their own work, but going to a website and reviewing your own work? He doesn't even offer criticism (another sign of a talented artist) or even give himself an intermediate score. He has to go the full five stars. Again, this is Pattison aka Morse using propoganda to further his cause. Two five star ratings surely mean his book is a hit, so Pattison aka Morse can brag where he sees fit, not listening to any critique that might argue with his perfect score of five stars. In fact, if anyone was to argue the point, they would find themselves blocked from all of Pattison aka Morse's social media accounts. Yet he would still bad mouth you and tell everyone how much of a loser you are, and how much he is winning.

In conclusion, it is easy to see that Pattison aka Morse displays egomaniacal tendencies with illusions of grandeur. The reasons why he displays these behaviours is unknown to me, and speculation is not why I am writing this. Pattison excels in making everyone who doesn't appreciate his work his boogeyman. Anyone who does not like what he does is wrong, a troll, a stalker or a harasser. This behaviour is common in children as a defensive strategy. For example, when a child is corrected for their bad behaviour, the child likely sees the adult who is correcting them as 'the bad guy' or 'boogeyman'. I doubt very much Pattison aka Morse will change. I can assure you that we will not change either. We will continue to shine a light on the lies of Pattison aka Morse, providing evidence to back up every claim we make.

I thank you for taking the time to read this. I will forsake the usual 'signing off' this time, and hope that if you are reading this William/Eric, you take into account just how honest we are, and that we are not stalking you, harassing you or bullying you. We merely provide the truth.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

FanFUCKINGtastic. So, anyways....alrighty then!

Well alrighty then, ummmmmm Hello Howlers! It's your loyal friend William Morris aka Eric Patterson here. I just rode into town on my new Horris. Of corris, you know his name is Jason, because I wrote the first fan fiction novels of Friday the 13th that don't even contain Jason. How amazing am I?

My mentor, William Pattison AKA Eric Morse states on his blog 'who ever controls horror controls the horror community. Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but I really cannot see how this is fact. It is a community, which means everyone is on the same level as everyone else. What Willy Shitpants is trying to do here is promote an idea of sepratism. By dividing the horror community, he may very well be seen as some kind of saviour. Unfortunately for him, his numerous homophobic, sexist and frankly derogatory remarks to everyone from women to the diabled means ninety-nine per cent of people end up either ignoring him or laughing at his stupidity.

I know William Pattison AKA Eric Morse will complain about this post, this site and the parody page we have. What William Pattison AKA Eric Morse needs to remember is, and I am taking a quote directly from the header on his very own blog 'This is my blog, and I can talk about whatever the fuck I want. If you don't want to read my opinions, don't read this blog'. The same applies to the parody page Willy Shitpants. If you don't like it, stop reading it. It is obvious we are not going anywhere.

Complain, stamp your feet, namecall and cry when people tell you Facebook friends aren't real. Keep denying your blatantly obvious homosexual tendencies (which seem to drip out of you like the gravy from your skin). A row of pink tents with same sex couples is less camp than you William aka Eric.

We know you watch all of your films on Putlocker. We know you don't get sent screeners. We also know how very little you know about horror in general (anyone remember who Amigus productions are?).

I am still amazed you went to a Black Sabbath show (We have seen the picture of you wearing shades, a stage backdrop that they made into a t-shirt for you and showing every one of your male suitors how you would pleasure four men at once). You scream for mocking and parody in everything you do.

So, anyways, keep America strong, watch horror films, drink your gravy and eat your Subways! Mine's a footlong!