Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tell us Lies, tell us sweet little lies (before you eat them because they are sweet and little).

Well well well Howlers, it seems my mentor, William Pattison has gone into overdrive with his lies lately. William posted on his new social media hangout (because his lies haven't been exposed widely on there yet) 'Minds' that he was attacked in the street by Bobby Livingston. What he posted can be seen below.

Now you can see he makes it quite clear that it is Bobby who attacked him. So imagine our (not so) surprised reaction when earlier today, Pattison posted this on Minds.

He states he 'also doesn't know' Bobby Livingston. His lies are becoming more obvious. He obviously thinks he can get away with it on Minds, but we are everywhere. Horror Socials Media doesn't rest. We are real life superheroes righting wrongs and outing lies, and Pattison is our Arch-enemy, the King(pin) of Splatterpants to our Bulshit Man (our ability is to point out and show everyone how much of a liar William Pattison is).

Also worth mentioning is his blatant misogyny ,calling a woman he doesn't know a 'Bitch'. Well done William. Showing your true colors again.

Something else that was rather funny happened too, and shows William still has absolutely no idea who we are. This will make you shake your heads (as it did us) as William names people on Facebook who he believes are Trolling him, only to name entirely different people on Minds. This shows William knows he has been beat on Facebook, and is attempting to claw back some kind of fame on Minds (which isn't going to happen, because we are more than happy to post our findings there too). Here are the two seperate posts he made. Make sure you aren't drinking or eating, because it is so hilarious that your drink or a pickle might hit the wrong spot and you might choke.

....and here is the post he made on Facebook.

Bless him, he can't even spell 'Bobby' correctly twice in a row. Let us not forget he is a seven time published author (AND PLAGIARIST).

I would like to invite everyone on Minds who has come across William 'Cretin' Pattison's profile to read through all we have revealed about him here. There are no lies to be found, just truth that reveals Mr Meatball (Who can't fit his head in a GUY FAWKES (not Guy Rolfe) mask) is sad, lonely and leads an empty life. One so empty that he has to make up lies to make it seem so much more interesting.

Please also check out Horror Socials Media on Youtube, where more of William Pattison's lies are revealed and discounted. We work tirelessly so you don't have to waste your time listening to douchebags who think they are something special when they can't even form a simple sentence or write a cohesive paragraph without including a single lie.

We are the protectors of truth, justice and the American way (which doesn't involve lying).

So, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways! Mine's a footlong!!