Friday, 26 August 2016

William is caught out lying once more, and has his e-balls back, only for me to e-castrate him once more.

Well Howlers, Horror Socials Media once again has hit the jackpot. I'm sure you all remember how William Pattison aka Eric Morse claimed how he was in a relationship with Kalthleen Wilhoite. How he claimed to help with the wardrobe of her character in Witchboard, Zarabeth McGee and how he even suggested she put the 'T.T.F.N' in her dialogue.

Now, Kevin Tenney, the director of Witchboard, was approached by the relentless leader of The Horror Socials, Billy Jack. Amazingly, Kevin Tenney replied and subsequently blew William Pattison aka Eric Morse's claims out of the water. In the interests of truth, I will firstly post the claims William Pattison aka Eric Morse made, and then post a screen cap of the reply Kevin Tenney sent to Billy Jack which yet again prove William Pattison aka Eric Morse is nothing but a liar.

Proof. Undeniable proof from the director of Witchboard. William is caught out yet again. He is a liar, and I am sure these revelations will continue. This is what happens when people lie. The truth is out there, and we will find it.

Now, earlier, William decided to attempt to intimidate Billy Jack. Here is the post he made. I will be dissecting it after, just to show the hypocrisy that William Pattison aka Eric Morse seems to put out with every single message.

Firstly, if this is a full time job it means you don't have a job? But it's a full time job William. You can't acknowledge it being a job and then say it isn't a job a few words later. I sort of feel sorry for you. You obviously don't have the mental capacity to put into words what you are feeling, so you ramble inanely, hoping that it makes some sort of sense (It really doesn't. Sorry about that).

We have an unreasonable obsession? You mean like you and The Soska's, Michelle Shields, Felicia Day, Bunny, Nikki Malia, Dark Spider etc? You want to keep throwing things our way William, yet all we have to do is write the truth.

We do not plan your destruction. The fact you continue to lie means you are writing it yourself. All we have to do is report the news and show the truth. That is our agenda. That is why we do this. For the truth.

You complain that Billy Jack has pretended to be people like you've never had a fake profile. Did you forget about Gerald Fitzgerald? Zarabeth MacGee? John Margolis? Pattison William? Liam Pattison? I'm sure there are many more too. When you accuse people of things, expect to have the truth shoved down your throat sir. What you do will not be ignored. It will be bought to light and we will not stop until everyone knows just how much of a hypocritical liar and bully you are.

Our credibility is in question? Funny. I think our credibility is in tact. We are gaining support, we chat to the people you claim have wronged you and they provide evidence which puts your lies to shame. If anyone wants to doubt our credibility then that is fine. But at least provide evidence as to why we lack credibility. I sincerely doubt you could provide anything of the sort considering what is written on here is the truth.

So, with that, I bid you all a good day. This isn't goodbye, because it seems William Pattison aka Eric Morse doesn't understand when he is beaten and has been shown to be a liar time and time again. We will not be going anywhere.

Also William, if you want to try and send your friends to attempt to argue with us, make sure they are prepared. Derek Young's attempt to try and intimidate us failed miserably, and ended up with him deleting all of his comments. Luckily we screen-capped them all, as we always do. It's great to have them just in case.

So, anyways, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways. Mine's a footlong!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

William is once more attempting to subvert attention away from his insanity. You can always find the TRUTH here.

So we all know how William has pretended how he was in a relationship with Kathleen Wilhoite. We all know how he imagined they shared KFC in the park on his birthday. We all know how he imagined how he helped her with her dialogue in Witchboard, adding the 'TTFN' to her lines.

We thought that was how far William Pattison aka Eric Morse's insanity stretched. Oh how wrong we were. William actually has a tattoo on his back with Kathleen's name and date of birth, as you can see below.

William thinks he is clever because he has disabled the ability to post pictures on his page. What he fails to realise is that only his friends will see those picture comments. On here, thousands upon thousands read these posts and are shown the real William Pattison aka Eric Morse.

Kathleen Wilhoite has been married for twenty years and has children with her husband. Yet he doesn't have a tattoo with Kathleen's name and d.o.b in it.

It's quite hilarious. We have been in contact with the San Mateo Journal, and they are quite interested in looking into William Pattison aka Eric Morse and the things he has written on his blog, his radio shows and on his facebook (of which we have screen caps of, so even if he chooses to remove more of his stuff, we already have it).

You took a step to make us stop William. You removed the videos and posts that named people who have nothing to do with us, but who you have bullied. Yet you seem to want to continue bragging and lying to your followers on Facebook? Well then, I guess the work of the Horror Socials Media isn't anywhere near done. While he may have control over what his followers see on Facebook, he has no power here.

So anyways, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways. Mine's a footlong!!!

Monday, 15 August 2016

William tries to sacrifice David Zernhelt to the Gods while continuing to play the victim card.

Well Howlers. It has been a very productive few months for this blog and Horror Socials Media in general. This all culminated in Morsebashers Convention, a get together of over 200 people where food and drink was had, entertainment in the form of burning shitty Friday the 13th teen novels that have absolutely nothing to do with Friday the 13th, clowns, readings of William Pattison's Psychotic State (You should have heard the laughter, especially when we read the scene of Jizzum hitting the floor) and so much more. We also read some real splatterpunk by David J Schow, just to show the attendees what real splatterpunk is. It was a real social event where everyone was friendly, and we were all bought together by one man who tried to bully or rant at us, so William Pattison aka Eric Morse, we thank YOU for bringing us all together and creating this movement. Without your bullying, ranting and 'ism' filled rants and posts, false accusations and everything else you blindly seem to do, you have created a community of people who enjoy hanging out with each other. This is only the first year of Morsebashers Convention. One year we hope to have a Q & A session with the man himself, where all of his lies can be put to him and he can answer to everyone he has bullied or picked on!

People even turned up with their copies of Psychotic State: The Novel and The Traveler: A Conflict of Interest that had been signed! They took great joy in tearing these books page by page and tossing them into the fire. It was like Lord of the Rings, where they take the thing that has created so much evil and toss it into Mount Doom.

Now, you might think William would be smart and ignore this convention. How wrong you would be. William tried to turn it around and make it look like he is some kind of superstar because we held a convention in his name. I'm not sure if he fails to understand or is just ignorant of the fact that it was his bullying that bought these people together. His NEGATIVE behaviour. His rants, ravings and constant lies. His hypocrisy.

Also worth a mention is Writers in Horror Month, which seems to have ended after eight days. I'm sure the masses are mourning the loss of this practically unknown email only event. Again, if you want to support artists, buy their work. That is the only sure-fire way of supporting people in the entertainment industry!Buy their books, their films, their music, their art!! Sending an email is of little concern, especially when they might not even get time to check their emails, or it may go to their spam/other folder!

William also claims he has taken his story of his bullying to TV shows and newspapers. This gave the horror socials an amazing idea. We too are going to contact San Mateo's local TV and newspapers with the evidence we have got so far, and ask them to see if they can run anything on William Pattison aka Eric Morse, seeing as he is such a huge celebrity in San Mateo, and these sort of stories pull in huge amounts of readers, especially if the person is local. So watch this space for developments in this area. Evidence will be provided to back up all points we make because we are not in this to lie.

Now, onto the title of the blog. In yet another feeble attempt to throw his friends under the bus, he blames David Zernhelt as the reason for us uncovering his lies and standing up to his hate-filled persona.

This is very false indeed. As I have written many times before, we have all been victims of William Pattison aka Eric Morse's hate, accusations and such. Many of us are mentioned in videos, blogs, podcasts etc. We all found ourselves blocked by William, and then found out he was continuing posting about us and saying how he kicked our asses because he blocked us. That is how this began. It was William Pattison aka Eric Morse's fault. No one elses.

He's tried to throw his friends under the bus, only for them to be contacted by people outside the group and find out that William Pattison aka Eric Morse is lying about their involvment. He cannot take any responsibility for his actions.

As for what we do and it not bothering William. Why are you still posting about us? Still whining about us? Surely you could go a few days without bringing us up if we are not bothering you.

One last thing. William seems to be subverting attention away from the real reason his Facebook page was closed down. I can confirm it was for Hate Speech. It has absolutely nothing to do with the mask he holds (and I don't understand how he was specifically told it was the mask considering the system is automated, so once again he is attempting to lie to his Facebook friends and look like a victim. It's a huge shame he doesn't realize how stupid it sounds. It an even bigger shame he doesn't realise how impossible his defense is. Deleted because of a mask you are holding? Really? Well, to remove any semblance of doubt, here is the report review that got his page removed, along with other reasons for him being slienced. Sorry William, but yet again you are shown to be the liar you are. This is only a small number of the successful reports we made, but it is more than enough proof that William's profile was not removed because of a mask he is holding in his photograph.

So anyways, keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways. Mine's a footlong.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

William Pattison plagiarizes a Government website while not realising he is guilty of all the things it says.

Well hello Howlers. I'm back with yet another update on the King of the Cyber-Bullies, William Pattsion aka Eric Morse. Things have been going well in our quest to reveal Pattison as the Liar and Bully he truly is. With numerous reports to Facebook about his hate speech, misogyny, pathetic name-calling and victimisation of women, these reports have been successful and William's fan page 'William Pattison aka Eric Morse' has been removed from Facebook.

Yet the disillusioned and delusional man continues to say he is cyber-bullied, going so far as to copy and paste (He obviously has nothing to say from his own mind, so has to plagiarize from a Government site) what Cyber Bullying is and how it is detrimental. Click HERE to read what was written on the original website that William DID NOT cite anywhere in his post.

Now I am not one to belittle bullying, as I know how devastating it can be. William cries out he is being bullied, but I disagree. His many years of picking on people, slating them and putting out all the hate he could towards people has made certain people sit up and take note of this Cyber Bully. Hence The Horror Socials were born. Our mission is to show William Pattison aka Eric Morse for the bully and liar he is.

This mission is ongoing, but is incredibly successful. Many lies have been uncovered and we have taken on William many times (while he uses a fake profile because he is far too cowardly to threaten anyone with violence under his own profile), and we are still here.

William's Cyber Bullying is legendary, but why is the man ignorant to the fact that he is doing the thing he is so quick to blame others for. This is a prime example of projection. When someone experiences guilt that they can't handle, or a bubble of shame is created around them, they instantly put these feelings onto someone else (projection). So when he calls people Trolls, Haters, Cyber Bullies etc, he is basically subverting attention away from himself so he doesn't have to accept what he is doing is wrong.

This is apparent in every rant he has written, every hypocrisy he has plied (such as complaining about a parody page, yet on his page, he is able to write what he likes because it is 'His page') and every lie he has told.

What we do isn't illegal under any circumstances. William has threatened us with the Police, then the FBI and now he chooses Court to get us to stop. We are not going to stop revealing truth under any circumstances.

As a once great TV show said; The Truth is Out There.

One only needs to look over the posts on here or even Google William Pattison aka Eric Morse to see he has bullied Reyna Young, The Soska Sisters, Rebekah Herzberg and Aaron Dodge to mention a few.

This bullying has incuded asking people to harass them to attempt to get him into a convention, tasteless posts on forums and numerous blog posts and podcasts that spew forth the hate from every key press and word spoken.

Once more William. We will not stop. Your tactic of blocking and then talking shit gave birth to this movement. If people are silenced, they become louder. We ARE louder than you, and we are armed with the truth and evidence to back up what we say. All you have are insults, curse words and websites that you plagiarize to look like you are a victim.

The fact is William, we have all been victims of your hatred, your stupid, petty ignorant hatred, your attempts to divide and push your way into a community of fans that love to socialise (which strangely is something you seem to rally against the majority of the time, but then there are times when you say you love to meet with your fans). You put socialising down, yet what do you do at conventions when you talk to your fan(s)??

I'm sorry your intelligence doesn't allow you to comprehend what we are doing William, and how it isn't wrong, but I hope one day you will see. You will see how lies do nothing but make you a laughing stock, how your lies make you look like a huge failure. How your constant attempts to shoulder your way into the horror community are laughable when you constantly quote film titles, directors and production companies incorrectly.

You protraying yourself as a huge Friday the 13th fan is laughable considering you have said Kane Hodder plays Jason seven times. I personally don't know how The New Blood, Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X count as seven films, but maybe I have lost the ability to count.

William has lost friends because of the truths we have revealed. attempting to drag them into it, only to have them break off their friendship with him because he has no way of making the truth look like a lie.

So, let's see what type of Cyber Bullying William Pattison aka Eric Morse is guilty of:

Defamation/attempting to hurt someone's business: Yes. He called out Reyna Young because she would not allow him to be a guest at her convention, posting everywhere how much of a 'Bitch' she was and even going as far as to post a video after she stated he nor any of his acquaintences are allowed at the convention (this video is hilarious, as William namedrops anyone he can to try and make a point, only making himself look like an even bigger baby in the process). He also tried to harm The Soska's career, belittling everything they do, and Aaron Dodge and The Twisted Terror Convention by attempting to claim they 'ripped him off'.

Fake Profiles: I have written about this in the past, but for clarification, William has many fake profiles, the newest of which are four (yes, FOUR) Liam Pattison profiles. Add to that Horror Bob, Gerald Fitzgerald, Pattison William, John Margolis and many more.

Threatening phone calls: Yes. William admitted to handing out the phone numbers of people who called in to his show with the idea to threaten them. These calls were recorded, which provides yet more evidence Pattison was responsible (even though he admitted to doing this).

Encouraging others to harass: Yes. William constantly does this, not through provocation or asking for people to help him, but by playing the victim. If everybody thinks 'oh poor William, he's so misunderstood and bullied for no reason' then people are obviously going to leap to his defence. It is yet more manipulation from the man-baby with the dirty diaper.

Posting on Social Media: Yes. One only has to look at his many profiles to see innumerable rants on everyone and anyone. His blog is the same. His podcast moreso. William is possibly guilty of this act of Cyber Bullying more than any other.

Of course I could go on and add impersonating people (he made an Alan Elbertson profile on Twitter, he impersonated Robbie Coltrane on FB under his Gerald Fitzgerald profile, he impersonated Horror Bob Martin, who turned out to be a stock picture used on a random book and ads for testicular cancer awareness on the net).

Finally there is a section of his post that says 'Cyber Bullies try to make out they are not Cyber Bullies, and it is somehow your friend who is the victim's fault'. I really don't think I need to point this out but this again is William Pattison aka Eric Morse projecting his ill behaviour on others.

So anyways, Keep America strong, drink your gravy and eat your Subways! Mine's a footling!!